Graham & Brown x Kelly Hoppen


The new collection of murals by Kelly Hoppen for Graham & Brown are inspired by the raw and pure beauty of nature. The Crystalline mural celebrates the elements and adapts to the linear shapes of organic minerals to create an ethereal and stylish wall.

I wanted to bring the beautiful elements of nature into people’s houses and thus create an interior with a lot of impact on a larger scale. From antique flowers and graphic elements, drawn floral prints, to gray minerals and lace, these designs are based on natural hues and their diversity will complement any home.

Kelly Hoppen

The delicate structure of the material is brought to life with the elegant color palette of the new paint collection to be launched soon.




The collection will be launched this spring. The Crystalline wall painting is accompanied by a modern trompe l’oeil, a lace pattern and a monochrome floral print. All designs are exclusive to Graham & Brown.

Come into the beautiful world of Graham & Brown.





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