Prada Candy Night


Italian fashion house Prada is presenting Candy Night, a new scent from the Prada Candy family, licensed by Puig. Prada Candy Night is the new flanker to the original Prada Candy launched in 2011. Prada Candy Night is described as more sweetie and more delicious with a lingering sensuality.

Candy Night – a delicious feast in an Art Deco flacon.

It comes out this month, March 2019, and is all about an alluring, sensual, feminine and more elegant fragrance than its predecessors. Even though the name of the perfume inspires a nightly intense aroma, don’t worry, it still can be worn during the day due to its gourmand oriental notes of orange, chocolate, and sweet caramel notes. 

With the new fragrance of Prada Candy Night, it’s impossible to remain unnoticed! With it, the woman’s duality is fully expressed, and Candy Night leaves here a strong contradiction between her overflowing energy and addictive sweetness. Prada Candy Night is an instant attractive fragrance, both colorful and unpredictable.


The flacon is a kind of slender glass column topped with a pump-shaped crescent. As before, the latter is covered with a glossy black shade. Rising on the gold collar, it gives an amazing and sophisticated final effect to the whole image. Her bright orange color from the past, however, disappeared. Today, it gives way to the gradient changing from pink to black. The name Prada appears on an infinitely refined black leather ribbon.

Prada Candy Night is available as 30, 50 and 80ml Eau de Toilette. Come into the beautiful world of Prada.




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