Narciso Rodriguez Oud Musc, a tribute to the rich olfactory culture of the Middle East


After the successful launch of Amber Musc, Rose Musc, and Santal Musc to complement the Oriental Musc series, Narciso Rodriguez finally welcomes this fall the new Oud Musc.

My intention is to produce scents that capture a profound sensuality and a discreet luxury using precious ingredients.

Narciso Rodriguez

The Oriental Musc Editions, Narciso Rodriguez’s universal classics for men and women, are profoundly sensual. Each of the editions is created through an artful blend of the designer’s signature musc along with some of the most iconic notes from the world of fragrance.

The result: three exclusive fragrances – Amber Musc, Rose Musc and Santal Musc – and now, introducing a fourth, Oud Musc 


Narciso Rodriguez Oud Musc: A fragrance both precious and potent. The new Oud Musc eau de parfum is so intense, is an addictive alchemy of East and West. Two iconic notes meet in the newest chapter of the Oriental Musc Editions story to produce one opulent fragrance. A synthesis of Narciso Rodriguez’s sublime musc and the Middle East’s signature oud, along with singular floral notes, produces a bold modern classic. Oud Musc lends a rare intensity that’s intoxicating, a luxury that lingers and a mystery that’s magical.

Celebrated perfumer Caroline Sabas has created Oud Musc as a tribute to the rich olfactory culture of the Middle East. A fragrance that transcends borders, Oud Musc is a synthesis of extremes: raw and refined, intense and illusive, evocative and enigmatic. A deep heart of musc is enriched by assertive woody accords – oud and incense – and softened with a sensual floral accord. Spicy notes of black pepper and myrte lend a touch of vibrancy.  Imbued with mystery and magic, Oud Musc is transformative.




No one but Narciso has ever made a simple line more stunning.

Anna Wintour, Vogue editor

Designed by Narciso Rodriguez himself, the famous rectangular glass flacon is painted gold from within. Narciso Rodriguez Oud Musc is available in 100ml Eau de Parfum Intense. 

Come into the beautiful worlf of Narciso Rodriguez.





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