Neurohacker Launches Restorative Cell Energy Supplement to Promote Healthy Aging


When thinking about our youth, it’s natural to remember just how much energy we had, how we were never tired, and always in shape. Well, what if there was a way to always feel like this? Is it even possible? Developed by a team of – forward-thinking scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs and through rigorous testing, Neurohacker’s latest launch, Eternus is a comprehensive supplement designed to promote better aging. As we age, cells break down and don’t have the same energy to do their jobs, and as more cells break down, we begin to experience age-related health issues.

Eternus is designed to give our cells and mitochondria the nutrition they need to work optimally… when they perform at their best, we look, feel, and perform at our best. Before Eternus, most cell energy products focused on boosting NAD+ in one particular way via one ingredient which isn’t ideal since increased NAD+ doesn’t directly correlate the body’s ability to utilize it effectively. We’ve designed something radically different than what is currently on the market. The nutrients in Eternus boost NAD+ but also give your body what it needs to create more NAD+ naturally and work to elevate ATP and activate AMPK.

James Schmachtenberger, Co-Founder & CEO Neurohacker

Aging isn’t caused by just one type of cellular damage or molecular imbalance and therefore can’t be impacted by only focusing on one thing. Eternus uses a complex systems science approach that targets the interworking network of a cell, giving the cells and mitochondria the nutrition they need for restored energy levels. Better aging allows the cells to perform at their best to support energy, amplify productivity, enhance cognitive function, promote restful sleep, and support healthy inflammation response.

Eternus supports mitochondrial fitness and cell energy with a whole system approach. Using high-purity and powerful nutrients to support better aging, Eternus is comprised of 38 rigorously blended ingredients including NAD+ substrates via three pathways vs just boosting NAD+ molecule, 10 extracts standardized for polyphenols, and 8 cellular mitochondrial adaptogens. Other ingredients include 4 mitochondrial antioxidants, trace minerals, B vitamin support with 3 forms of folic acid and 9 muscle performance ingredients. These ingredients synergistically support the cell’s ability to make more energy to promote healthy aging.


According to Heather Sandison, ND, North County Natural Medicine, “Eternus is brilliantly formulated. It is unique in the way it supports every cell energy pathway at every juncture. I’ve never seen anything like it and I can’t wait to get my patients on it!”

Eternus is priced at $159 for a one-time purchase of a 1 month supply, the subscription price at $79.50 and the renewal price at $139 and will be available on April 16. Come into the beautiful world of Neurohacker.





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