Object of Desire: Wolf 1834 Watch Winder Safe


A British icon since 1834, WOLF continues to command attention in the luxury leather-goods market, designing the world’s most exquisite watch winders, watch boxes, and jewellery cases.

Over the past 185 years, Wolf has helped many safeguard their valuable effects. Across five generations, the family-run company has made a name for itself in the watch winder industry through its tireless pursuit of perfection in their craft. If you’re into watches, especially automatic ones, and are all about taking care of them – the Wolf 1834 Watch Winder Safe is for you.




Wolf 1834 Orion Watch Winder Safe

A tasteful marriage between style and patented innovation, the safe boasts top-notch craftsmanship, backed by close to two centuries of experience offering solutions for safekeeping and maintaining your precious time pieces and jewellery. With patented rotation counting technology, a wolf safe’s primary focus is the health of your watches. While other names in the market merely use a estimation of rotations per day, Wolf counts precisely the specified number of turns for each individual watch – providing nonpareil care for the timepieces on your wrist.

Thanks to technology, an app on your smartphone can also seamlessly control the individual winders (or even collectively), allowing you to set your preferred rotation rate or direction of the turning on your phone via bluetooth. You can also register for a two-year warranty online, which comes with the purchase of each safe.




Wolf 1834 Vanguard Watch Winder Safe

The Wolf safe comes with jewellery and accessory drawers inside, lined with lush suede lining, as well as black watch panels. Each safe is also finished with high gloss onyx or titanium on the exterior, providing not just first-class security, but aesthetics as well.

The collection is available in 2, 8, 12, and 16-piece winders in a stellar high gloss onyx or titanium finish with Bluetooth control, custom drawers, and global UL certification ensuring the highest level of security. The safe comes in three variants – a two-piece safe for the casual collector, the Orion; an eight-piece safe, the Vanguard, for those to whom watches are more than just a hobby; and the Atlas, a 12-piece beast for the serious aficionado. A 16-piece Atlas is also available if 12 just isn’t enough.




Wolf 1834 Atlas Watch Winder Safe

A Wolf winder is a handmade precision instrument. From the optimum size of drum and cuff to the technology that delivers exact turns per day, Wolf test the test to ensure they deliver the highest possible quality – nothing is left to chance. Ensuring the highest commitment to quality, every Wolf winder is covered by a 2-year warranty and can be traced to birth by its unique serial number.

The Wolf watch winders and watch boxes can both be found on the official Wolf website along with other watch accessories and tools. Wolf watch winders are offered in a variety of capacities and styles ranging in price from $229 to $31,999, while their vast line of watch boxes sell for $45 to $355.

Come into the beautiful world of Wolf.





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