Ralph Lauren’s New Woman Intense Fragrance Is The Nighttime Version Of This Classic Perfume


The new ‘pillar’ perfume from the fashion house of Ralph Lauren came out in 2017 as Woman by Ralph Lauren. Its more potent interpretation is prepared for a 2019 release, coming in a new black bottle with golden details.

The woman that inspires me expresses herself through her individuality and personal style. She is boldly authentic, a true original. She leads like a woman.

Ralph Lauren

The newest addition to the Woman by Ralph Lauren family is a warmer and, as the name suggests, more “intense” iteration of the original ‘Woman’ fragrance. While you will enjoy a few familiar scents from the original, the richness has been dialed up in this perfume, making it one you’ll enjoy especially for a night out. Even the fragrance’s black and gold bottle has an elegant, strong design that aligns with the aroma it encapsulates.


Ralph Lauren Woman Intense combines the strength and femininity of white flowers with the powerful intensity of black vanilla and sandalwood. The floral-oriental composition is inspired and made for women who live and lead with intensity.

Top notes: Neroli, Black currant, Pink pepper, Rhubarb
Heart: Tuberose, Orange blossom, Sambac jasmine
Base: Black vanilla, Sandalwood, Amber wood

A captivating fusion of warm, white florals and delicious black vanilla. Tuberose reveals its many facets of solar warmth and floral creaminess. Jasmine Sambac intensifies the white floral heart with an opulent and sensual touch, while orange flowers bring a sparkling freshness. Rich sandalwood and delicious black vanilla bring a warm and spicy sensation, reinforcing the addictive sensuality of the florals.


Award winning actress and producer Jessica Chastain returns as the face of the new advertising campaign. Captured on impressive portraits, Jessica poses in an elegant black suit.


The actress, who was named Global Ambassador for Ralph Lauren Fragrances in 2017 and has returned as the face of Ralph Lauren’s campaign for the latest fragrance Woman Intence. And to celebrate the launch of of the new fragrance, Ralph Lauren and Jessica Chastain partnered for a an all-female-cast-and-crew-created short film called’Leading With Intensity’, as part of the brand’s Lead Like a Woman initiative, which encourages women to redefine and embrace intensity on their own terms.


Ralph Lauren has been a longtime partner of the Lead Like a Woman Initiative as well as a donor to Women in Film, an organization that advocates for parity in the screen industries. The campaign for Woman Intense not only aligns with these initiatives, but also Jessica Chastain ‘s personal advocacy on gender issues in the entertainment industry.


Bringing together both power and femininity into a flacon, Ralph Lauren’s Woman Intense invites you to further embrace and share your own intensity on a daily basis with the help of a few spritzes.

Ralph Lauren Woman Intense is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. Come into the of Ralph Lauren.





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