Zadig & Voltaire Girls Can Say Anything



French fashion house Zadig & Voltaire introduces a new perfume for women Girls Can Say Anything. A new revolution. Freedom to act. Freedom of speech. A clear sign of the times. Today, people can say what they think. Great taste, but spiteful remarks. While the Zadig woman does whatever she likes, the Voltaire woman proclaims whatever is on her mind. Without restraint. Without censorship. Without inhibition.

With Girls Can Say Anything I want to remind women that they have the right to speak out and say what they think every single day, and that’s the very essence of my new fragrance. We can do what we want, and now I want to proclaim loud and clear that we can say what we want as well. Let’s give women a mouthpiece, the courage to speak out without restraint, without limitations. That’s true Girl Power. #GirlsCan spray the word!

Cecilia Bonstrom, Artistic Director Zadig&Voltaire

Girls Can Say Anything is a fragrance that encourages freedom of speech and emancipation, through a smile. The fragrance plays around with convention and interweaves traditionally masculine and feminine style, blurring boundaries.


A fragrance with real personality! Once again, perfumer Quentin Bisch plays a daring hand, presenting a new fougère with floral tones and tender almond accents. It’s a mover and shaker with no mincing of words: free and multi-faceted, floral and woody, radiant with softness. This cult neo-fougère by #GIRLSCAN reflects that same signature: a minimalist lavender opening yields to geranium facets, oak moss and tonka. Floral, intense, smooth. An aldehyde breeze then brings shimmers of rose oxide.

Top notes: Iris, Peony
Heart: Tonka
Base: Musk, Vanilla, Fern, Amber

‘Girls Can Say Anything’ this is definitely true and the real proof about women. This amazing new perfume is a must have for summer due to its delicate mix of tonka bean with amber and sweet vanilla nicely infused with lovely and aromatic peony flowers.


This concentration of energy comes in an iconic bottle inspired by the bottles of water that are handed out at fashion shows, with crystalline lines.

Zadig & Voltaire Girls Can Say Anything is available as 30, 50 and 90ml Eau de Parfum. Come into the beautiful world of Zadig & Voltaire.





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