Ahoy Club, Your Guide To Chartering a Yacht in Monaco

Sailing on a yacht is something many people would like to do. Ahoy Club Yacht Charter make this more accessible. The company allows you to rent a yacht of your choice (from their offer) and thus still lead the jet set life.

The best part is, through Ahoy, you’ll get any yacht anywhere for the best possible price. Ahoy Club is saving its clients up to 20 % thanks to Ahoy Club’s unique model with the lowest commissions in the industry.

Once you’ve picked your yacht, it’s time to start thinking where you’re going to head out on your charter out of Monaco. Depending on how long you’ll be cruising, there are many attractive options for you to explore.

If you’re looking to go out of Monaco for a day, a popular option is St. Tropez. Mixing a fashion hub with mile-long sand beaches, it has remained a favourite amongst the jet set for the better part of a century. Make sure that you ask your captain to book a berth in St. Tropez right away if you’re planning on staying overnight at the marina, as it is often overbooked in the thriving summer months.

Another alternative for weekend trips out of Monaco is to head South to Corsica, which, depending on the speed of your yacht, takes anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, hence on larger yachts you may choose overnight, so you awake there in the morning. While there is a myriad of beaches in Corsica to explore, one of the closest from Monaco is the St. Florent beach, which offers a remote, sandy beach where your yacht can anchor, far away from civilization.

Those looking to explore Italy for a weekend out of Monaco often head to Portofino, an iconic city that is very as classy. Famous for its shops and Bellini cocktails, Portofino is an ideal city to explore by yacht.

The last step before stepping on the yacht is to handle the payment for the yacht. Ahoy Club will make sure you get the best possible because of the reduced commission structure. All in all, you’ll get the lowest price on any yacht through Ahoy Club – this is guaranteed.

The only question that remains is to choose yacht do you want to jump aboard? And Ahoy Club will do the rest. Come into the beautiful world of Ahoy Club Yacht Charter.

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