Les Pierres de Rêve de Chaumet


The history of Chaumet has been entwined with the History of France ever since its founding in 1780, in Paris. Indeed, the Maison very quickly became the official jeweller to Empress Josephine. The High Jewellery savoir-faire of the Maison has been passed down through generations of jewellers for 235 years. Crafted at the very heart of the place Vendôme, the jewellery and watchmaking creations reflect these exceptional skills and pay tribute to the Parisian style.

For more than two hundred years, Chaumet has dedicated its jewellery excellence to the creation of exceptional timepieces. The Maison knows how to combine the best Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship, tradition and complex movements with the Parisian refinement it masters so well. Precise and precious, these timepiece creations have become true icons.Maison Chaumet are masters at creating jewellery watches and reinterpret the Asian tradition of dream stones through a new collection of jewellery watches. Each of Chaumet’s Les Pierres de Rêve (French for ‘the stones of dreams’) unique designs celebrates a decorative stone with motifs that are as unique as they are poetic.


Dream stones are decorative pieces from Asia of the utmost elegance, representing an invitation to travel and to dream. Landscapes imbued with poetry are drawn on the surface of these unique minerals, as if painted by nature, and often accompanied by short poems. Chaumet reinvents this tradition through a collection of exquisite watches combining the skill and craftsmanship of the Maison with these fascinating treasures of nature.

The Pierres de Rêve collection comes with 12 new styles, each made with a different gemstone From Lapis Lazuli and opal to dendritic agate, each with its own unique beauty. Chaumet has researched and carefully sourced, selected, cut and polished with the precision that the Maison is known for. The stones are set off by a white or rose gold bezel with pavé set diamonds and a coloured alligator bracelet, making way for the most beautiful landscapes.


Whether it’s a wilderness, a conifer forest under a thick blanket of snow or an azure blue lagoon… Everyone sees a different landscape in these timepiece creations, like a reflection of their personal history and travels.

Discover the Pierres de Rêve collection in all its beauty above and below:

Come into the beautiful world of Maison Chaumet.







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