Rammstein are showing their true colours as LGBTQ allies.



Two members of the German rock band Rammstein kissed onstage in Russia’s capital city Moscow in defiance against Russia’s anti-LGBTQ stance. During a performance of ‘Aüslander’, guitarists Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe moved towards each other before kissing each other, to protest the country’s anti-LGBTQ attitudes and laws.

Liebe ist für alle da!

While homosexuality isn’t illegal in Russia, President Vladimir Putin’s ‘gay propaganda’ law has created a hostile environment for LGBTQ people. On 21 July, a prominent LGBT+ activist was found dead in St Petersburg, having been strangled and stabbed, after her name was listed on a vile ‘gay-hunting’ website.
Elsewhere, in self-governed Russian state Chechnya, gay people have been rounded up and held in modern-day concentration camps, with many of them tortured for information and some even beaten to death.

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Россия, мы любим тебя! Photos: @jenskochphoto

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Rammstein shared a photo of the kiss, which took place during their song Aüslander, on their Instagram page alongside the caption: “Russia, we love you!”

It’s not the first time the band have shown support for LGBTQ rights on this tour – during a performance in Poland, where they crowdsurfed in a rubber dinghy waving a Pride flag, following the news that LGBT+ people had faced violence during a Pride march in the country.


The bold statement came after reports that members of Poland’s LGBTQ community hadfaced violence during a Pride march in the country, and most likely an answer to what happened in Białystok, as well as reports of ‘LGBT-free’ zones being promoted by bigots.

Here they come! Waving pride flags and openly supporting LGBTQ people.

Rammstein’s show of support for LGBTQ people has gone down very well with fans of the band. One referring to it as a ‘power-move’ while another said it was ‘heartwarming’ to see.

Rammstein released their latest, untitled album (referred to as Rammstein) in May, and are currently touring in support of the new music.









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