French Haute Parfumerie Henry Jacques Opens Boutique in Doha

French Maison Henry Jacques perfumes manifest the very soul of our Maison’s founder, Henry Cremona, a world traveller who drew on his childhood, wanderlust and dreams of faraway lands to feed his deep passion for fragrance. From his encounter with one of the last great noses of the old French Perfume tradition, a perfume house was born, steeped in the family’s culture, a taste for absolute refinement, and an obsession with rarity and perfection.

A family affair, a love affair… Parfums Henry Jacques embodies nearly half a century of excellence and creativity at the service of Great Perfumery.

The Maison instinctively found its place in the universe of the discerning few and, for decades, their atelier was dedicated solely to the creation of bespoke fragrances. They discreetly worked in the shadows to satisfy the wishes of their clients. Each request was a new perfume, each one creating a new memory, reawakening a lost emotion. Within the rich artistic sphere surrounding the family, the number of creations grew with every passing year.

After long and thoughtful preparation, Henry Jacques recently opened its realm to the public, through a handful of distinguished locations around the world, each custom-designed to showcase our singular collections. Now the Parisian Haute Parfumier has officially opened the doors of its boutique in Galeries Lafayette Doha at 21 High st, Katara Cultural Village. The French Maison is delighted to be able to share its passion for crafting the greatest scents and to bring to life its savoir-faire and extraordinary connections in Qatar.

The Maison brings its revered fragrances and immense savoir-faire to Qatari connoisseurs.

Henry Jacques embodies almost half a century of excellence and creativity. Born of Founder Henry Cremona’s travels, his inexhaustible passion and his wondrous encounter with one of the last great noses of the old French Perfume tradition, the Maison is one of the last family-run perfumeries. Its South of France laboratory houses thousands of scents and only the most precious and exclusive ingredients, so loved by those with a taste for absolute refinement, rarity and olfactory perfection.

The boutique houses the entire range of fragrances in a home-from-home setting. Amongst the perfumes showcased are the 50 Les Classiques, a collection of Essences that embody the Haute Parfumerie’s achievements of a lifetime and entire legacy. A new and lighter expression of Les Classiques has also just been introduced: Les Brumes. Offered in a convertible flacon, Les Brumes are designed to be splashed or sprayed and present a new way of wearing the Henry Jacques signature scents in a more casual and modern way.

Visitors will also be able to marvel the Masterpieces of the Maison: from the limited edition ‘Les Toupies’, or spinning tops, to the Renaissance Jewellery collection with its individual scents presented in gem-encrusted flacons. At the heart of the offering is the Bespoke service, whereby together with guidance from the experts, clients create their own individual scents, a ritual that is very much appreciated by those with a fine nose and part of Middle Eastern traditions that date back through history.

The unique style of the new boutique embodies Henry Jacques’ attention to detail and its visionary spirit. Designed by Christophe Tollemer, esteemed architect and Henry Jacques’ Artistic Director, the space is inspired by an 18th century French castle, gracefully blending the illustriousness of the past with modern-day elegance and charm.

The Henry Jacques Boutique in Doha is the second in the Middle East and adds to its ever-growing presence worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Henry Jacques.

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