Chanel New Sublimage Cleansing Collection


French Maison extends its Sublimage collection. This time, the famous upscale brand adds four cleansing products to its coveted Sublimage range, which focuses on radiance and hydration. Formulated for all skin types, Chanel Sublimage products will mostly benefit those with mature and (very) dry skin types. The rich formulas are restoring, revitalizing, and equally luxurious as any other Chanel product.

Created by nature and crafted by Chanel, vanilla planifolia is at the heart of Sublimage skincare

The four new cleansing products joining the Sublimage range are L’Eau de Demaquillage, Les Grains de Vanille, L’Huile-En-Gel de Demaquillage, and a solid soap. Each of them will fit perfectly into your nourishing skincare routine. Now it’s up to you to choose a texture:

Chanel Sublimage L’Eau de Demaquillage


Sublimage L’Eau de Demaquillage (Cleansing Water) is a featherlight cleanser that removes all traces of makeup, dirt and debris in a single swipe. The moisturizing formula is fortified with hyaluronic acid so it helps boost skin’s moisture reserves, while special natural sugars form an invisible film on the skin to improve water retention.


Chanel Sublimage L’Huile-En-Gel De Demaquillage

Chanel-Sublimage-Oil-in-Gel-Makeup-Remover.jpgSublimage L’Huile-En-Gel De Demaquillage (Oil-in-gel Makeup Remover) is a lightweight and creamy makeup remover that gently and effectively dissolves makeup, dirt, and pollution from your skin. In contact with water, this hybrid formula turns into a soft silky emulsion that completely removes makeup without drying out the skin. The formula includes a blend of skin-loving oils, and Chanel’s signature camellia fragrance.


Chanel Sublimage Revitalizing Solid Soap


Chanel-Sublimage-Solid-SoapSublimage Revitalizing Solid Soap creates a rich lather in contact with water. Rich in Shea Butter and Chanel’s special Revitalizing Moisturizing Complex, it help remove dirt, while leaving the skin soft, smooth and subtly perfumed.


Chanel Sublimage Les Grains de Vanille

Chanel-Sublimage-Les-Grains-de-Vanille-ExfoliatorSublimage Les Grains de Vanille is a luxury exfoliating scrub of a rich, brown color. The moisturizing gel formula incorporates natural Vanilla grains that gently exfoliate the skin. The inclusion of Jojoba nourishes the skin as it helps remove deep-set impurities and dead skin cells.

Chanel Sublimage is available at Chanel boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Chanel.




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