H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection


The H&M Conscious Exclusive collection is back with 10th anniversary collection and the message is clear: get ready to dress differently. Steeped in the glamor of mysterious balls and glitzy evenings of yesteryear, the collection combines strong pieces and versatile basics – all in more durable materials. They include recycled brass, recycled zinc and Tenceltm x Refibratm, an exclusive lyocell fiber made from cotton waste.



Romantic dresses take center stage in this second edition of the Conscious Exclusive 2019 collection: the jacquard evening gown adorned with blue china roses and the pink tulle maxi dress are among the highlights, not to mention the harlequin minidresses sequins – all made with recycled polyester blends. The sumptuous polyester velvet suit and its sporty belt is as versatile as the light knits in Tenceltm x Refibratm lyocell fiber blends and wool.

The Conscious Exclusive A/W19 collection will be available on hm.com from September 26th. Come into the beautiful world of H&M.





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