Ultimate Winter Glow with the new Foreo Luna Mini 3

01_FOREO_Lead Image.jpg

With the global launch of the Luna Mini 3 last summer, the Swedish skintech brand Foreo has once again demonstrated that it continues to push the boundaries of innovation to bring pioneering products to the market. The app-activated, trackable Luna mini 3 with exclusive ‘Glow Boost’ mode is the biggest innovation of the successful brand so far. This smart device has everything you need to improve your skin care routine and help you achieve the ultimate winter glow.

Great skin is full in trend and there’s nothing like a radiant complexion to boost your confidence, but when the colder months begin, the weather changes and this can have devastating effects on the complexion. The Luna mini 3 helps people achieve a long-lasting glow over the winter and beyond.

Dalia Fernandez, Foreo Product Development Manager

Skin is a creature of habit, skin likes texture, and so sudden changes in temperature and humidity are not particularly beneficial to skin. Breakouts are also due to behavioral changes, as routines and internal environmental factors first have to adapt to the colder weather.

02_FOREO_LUNA mini 3_In Use.jpg

03_FOREO_LUNA mini 3_In Use.jpg

She identifies hot showers and central heating as two of the worst culprits. Although you can hardly imagine a long, cold winter without any of the above, there are still some ways to achieve a consistent routine and to minimize any interference while the skin adapts to the changing weather.

04_FOREO_LUNA mini 3_Waterproof

For woman and men, the Foreo Luna Mini 3 is available in 5 colors.

For the ultimate winter glow, you can buy the Luna Mini 3 at their website, and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Foreo.





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