2 thoughts on “Quote Begum Om Habibeh

  1. Firstly, I would like to say that it is a real verity of life that the greatest gift of Allah to humankind is intelligence because it is difficult to imagine the capacity of our brain and how many doors our intelligence can open to us. To tell the truth, it is so wonderful that you have established such a close connection with Mata Salamat who was able to give you such a priceless experience and change your life. I would like to say that it is so important to have such people in our life because they teach us really important things and we can take their personal traits, improving our personality. It is so cool that Mata Salamat wanted the project to improve the education of the people of Aswan, specifically the women, because women perform a really important function in our world and if there are more females in the workforce, it will entail huge changes and it will be a great breakthrough for our world, in my opinion.

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