ManCave Black Spice Body Scrub


New York based ManCave creates natural grooming gear and is made with carefully selected man-made ingredients to produce stable, honest formulations, that truly perform and all for a fair price. Through the forging of nature and science, ManCave embarks on a mission to provide men with quality products so you can #ownthebathroom space. All their products go through an intensive two-year product development process to ensure the formulation and fragrance is perfected for its intended purpose.

Skin-renewing ingredients like Charcoal Powder and Pumice help to remove dead skin build-up, leaving skin feeling soft and supple. Refreshing notes of Bergamot, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus & Mandarin also provide an aromatherapeutic experience.

The Blackspice Body Scrub is a natural body exfoliant that is perfect for use after a long adventurous day or a hard workout to give your skin a refreshing deep cleanse. This body exfoliant contains Charcoal Powder and Pumice. Dead skin cells and the unwanted build-up of grime can be gently but effectively scrubbed away. The scrub helps to smooth and polish the skin, while Aloe Vera and L’Arginine make sure to soothe and soften. Their uplifting signature fragrance is made up of antioxidant rich Black Pepper Oil, Juniper Oil and Cardamom Oil to invigorate the senses.


How to use: Apply onto wet skin and massage in circles to get rid of dead skin cells, then rinse with warm water. Give skin a deep and exfoliating cleanse, the perfect way to add a zing to your day.

ManCave Black Spice Body Scrub is available at ManCave Barber Shops and selected stores. Come into the beautiful world of ManCave.





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