French lover L’Homme Rochas


French Maison Rochas launched their new men’s perfume L’Homme Rochas. It is described as a romantic and sensual  scent for ‘a neo French lover’. L’Homme Rochas draws its power and energy from the history and roots of the Maison, staking out a vision of masculinity that is bold and respectful.

L’Homme Rochas men’s fragrance brings together all elements of masculinity with a hint of surprise. The contemporary and stylish aroma from the French Maison. The fragrance was formulated by Bruno Giovanni. This fragrance pulls its strength and vitality from the heritage and origins of the Rochas House, and provides a perception of masculinity that is both daring and memorable.

Celebrating the New Year 2020, Mademoiselle Rochas presents her man to us. Who is he? As dynamic and authentic as his beauty, L’Homme Rochas is full of humor. Mysterious and full of character, this new fragrance for men of the oriental fougere variety is truly addictive. Instantly discover the matching complement of our young lady, a stunning aroma committed to today’s men. After Eau de Rochas Homme, Rochas Man and Moustache, the family expands once again.


Naturally charming, the Rochas Man is the masculine alter ego of Mademoiselle Rochas Eau de Parfum. As a result they create an ideal couple embodying chic Parisian classiness. Accomplices, they show us their magnificence. This duo of fragrances is designed for all lovers of modern days.

Simultaneously, virile and classy, Monsieur has everything to delight! His daily spirit only makes him more charming. Caring and fun, a bit teasing, he likes to surprise his sweetheart. Her smile, a bit mischievous, is also devastating. This real gentleman makes them all lose their heart. He would even make all of Mademoiselle’s girlfriends green with jealousy. But our man stays loyal because he only has eyes for his dear beauty.

L’Homme Rochas belongs to the olfactory Oriental-Fougère family that combines fresh citrus notes with warm aromatic tones. The composition of L’Homme Rochas is divine. The opening notes of blood orange, pineapple and cardamom first burst like a giggle. Then the love game of our two stars moves on with the help of a spicy aromatic trio of geranium, basil and Juniper berry. Lastly, the tonka bean, moss and patchouli finale does not let down with its power and potency. The entire outcome reveals an exciting molotov cocktail, imbued with passion and voluptuousness.

The campaign is set in ‘city of love’ Paris. and features French models Julien Remond and Noemie Schmidt. Schmidt is also the face of the feminine scent Mademoiselle Rochas.

Between memories of loveliness and enjoying to play accomplices, our couple of the year, walk hand in hand. Their notable joy imbued with sensations is all the more evocative. Their joie de vivre is even expressive. This entire palette of feelings is also experienced in the composition of the new Rochas L’Homme fragrance.




L’Homme Rochas perfume flacon arrives in a cylindrical, streaked finished container. Its deep blue banded coat has one of the most stunning effects. It also brings to mind the inside of the Rochas brand outfits. Its chic and classy style is matched solely by the elegance of this great seducer. This masculine and sophisticated bottle is as contemporary as it is sophisticated. Then a large chrome silver cap gives it an extra beam of charm. Next, a brilliant silver plate shines brilliantly on the front of the package and has the name of the fragrance, also signed in black capital letters

L’Homme Rochas is available as a 40, 60 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette. Come into the beautiful world of Rochas.




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