Beauty of Age


Renowned German photoartist Laura Zalenga shows us the beauty of age. Beauty of age tries to reminds us that beauty has no expiry date. It only becomes more interesting with time. Also an important part of this beauty is actually invisible.

During my year as a Adobe Creative Resident I explore the beauty of age. Caused by wondering why our beauty ideal still tends to circle around young, smooth skin instead of faces that already tell some life.

Laura Zalenga

There is so much unseen wisdom and advice on what is important in life, but we rarely ask to hear it. The project seeks to inspire people to show interest in age, to learn about its beauty, to meet elderly people and have conversations and friendships with them.




To me there is something so magical about these two women who are both living on this planet for more than 70 years.

Laura Zalenga






Come into the beautiful world of Laura Zelenga and the Beauty of Age project.





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