Chanel’s New Eyes Collection

Two years ago, French Maison Chanel shook up the beauty world with Le Volume Revolution de Chanel mascara, equipped with the first 3D-printed brush marketed on an industrial scale – a first in the mascara world. It was an immediate hit with women worldwide and hasn’t dropped out of the Top 5 bestsellers in Europe since its launch.

Today, Chanel uses innovation to enhance beauty once again with Le Volume Révolution de Chanel. It reveals a new brush that visibly extends lash length while offering perfectly controlled volume. With 3D printing by ERPRO 3D Factory, a start-up specialized in this technology, the frontiers of product design are pushed even further. By precisely crafting a unique, tailor-made brush, this was the only approach that could technically translate the creative concept defined by Chanel in order to respond to new awaited makeup benefits. The mascara brush of Le Volume Révolution de Chanel is protected by four patent applications.

Resulting from a close collaboration between the Packaging Innovation and Research teams, the Makeup Creation Studio and Chanel Research, the new Le Volume Révolution de Chanel mascara brush unveils an elegant, streamlined and curved shape that is extremely precise: five branches of two rows of bristles arranged in an elliptical shape with a micro-cavity at the center. This feat was only possible with 3D technology. A simplified approach was taken for a lighter and more flexible brush. With its elastic shape memory, it bends and stretches in all directions before returning to its original form. Ergonomic, it fills with mascara in an instant and delivers it just as intuitively.

This brush is as easy to use as it was complex to design. With its perfectly crafted structure, it features an organization of bristles arranged precisely down to the last millimeter. The size of the bristles adapts to the elliptical shape for application in two steps: the longest bristles, at the center, grip and brush each lash by stretching them over their entire length, while the shortest bristles at the tips coat them evenly with the black formula, stroke by stroke. In other words, the work of two brushes in a single tool. This brush was created by printing successive layers of a polyamide powder derived from castor seeds (a bio-sourced material of vegetal origin) and then polymerized with a laser beam.

The numerous trials carried out to finalize the brush also made it possible to adjust the most important factor: the affinity between the mascara formula and the tool. Thanks to this perfect balance, ensuring an ultra-effective tailor-made result, Le Volume Révolution de Chanel unites volume and length without compromise. The formula is based on a perfect balance between natural-origin waxes for impeccable glide, stunning curve and a stretch effect. Candelilla wax coats lashes, while carnauba wax ensures magnetic shine. Jojoba esters guarantee the suppleness of the stretch-effect formula and beeswax promises perfect adhesion all day long. Like a latex film, the polymers spread out the lashes in a fan shape. Finally, cellulose coated with ultra-dark ‘carbon black’ pigments envelops lashes and improves their density. Perfectly shaped and covered in black, lashes are extended to the max for eyes that look more wideopen than ever before.

Chanel Le Liner de Chanel

New to the eye makeup family, Le Liner de Chanel comes in seven shades, including four limited-edition colors. In a simple and understated black tube, this liquid eyeliner hides a soft, extra-thin felt tip. With this flexible tip, this precision advantage helps stylize eyes in a single step with no risk of smudges. It’s never been so simple to show off eyes that look bigger and more wide-open than ever!
Its formula contains a polymer, inspired and derived from latex technology, that sets in the blink of an eye. It guarantees impeccable smudgeproof hold and a waterproof effect that lasts until evening.

Chanel Le Liner de Chanel comes in three classic shades: 512 Noir Profond: a deep black, 514 Ultra Brun: a rich brown, and 516 Rouge Noir: a rich plum. Their are also four temporary shades: 518 Mauve Métal (a metallic lilac), 522 Bronze Doré (an intense caramel bronze), 524 Gris Argent (a metallic silver gray), and 526 Bleu Cobalt (a navy blue).

Chanel La Palette Sourcils

It is often said that eyebrows structure the eyes. A good reason to define their shape with La Palette Sourcils, which unites two textures and four accessories to precisely groom each hair. On the left, a matte wax sculpts and colors the brow line. On the right, a powder softens this result for a more natural finish. Two brushes are included, as well as a spiral brush for more definition and mini tweezers to adjust brow shape hair by hair. It comes in three harmonies for all women, offering a natural makeup result that surpasses perfection.

Chanel La Palette Sourcils comes in three shades: 01 Light, 02 Medium, and 03 Dark.

Chanel’s Le Volume Révolution de Chanel, Le Liner de Chanel and La Palette Sourcils are available at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Chanel.

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