This Fragrance Smells Like Music


Today, Berceuse Parfum, a luxury niche perfume house in the heart of Upstate New York whose work translates music into fragrance, announced the release of their first perfume, Allegretto 7.2. Composed over three years as a collaboration between founder Will Carius and perfumer Antonio Gardoni, one of the most exciting talents in independent fragrance, Allegretto 7.2 is an elegant, mysteriously smoky scent.

Berceuse Parfum Brings Beethoven to the World of Perfumery

“The individual elements and notes in the formula are not meant to showcase a singular character,” says Gardoni, who created 24 separate versions of the fragrance before he and Carius selected the final design. “Rather, they interlock each other, creating a floating cloud where each element mirrors itself and its surroundings”.


The freshness of herbs and lavender pairs with vanilla, cedar, and smoky, rooty vetiver to create an intoxicating, alluring fragrance with an enigmatic twist. This fascinating scent layers subtle touches of spicy ylang ylang, resinous benzoin, and crisp, clean mint to leave a lasting impression of complexity and individuality that bewitches the senses and will leave you wanting more.

Berceuse Allegretto 7.2 will be available in a 50 ml flacon at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Berceuse.




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