John Freida Hydrate & Recharge range: deep hydration for hair that is supple and full of life!


John Frieda presents Hydrate & Recharge a new range aimed at treating dull and dehydrated hair by offering deep hydration. With its highly nourishing drops based on monoi and keratin, this innovative formula recharges the hydration reserves of the hair, helping to fix the water molecules in the capillary fibers and therefore to hydrate them from the inside. In the blink of an eye dry, brittle hair becomes smooth, silky and full of life.

Nowadays, life imposes on us a frantic pace. It is more important than ever to take a break, to find time to recharge and find new strength, both mental and physical. Source of all life, water recharges your batteries and makes you feel lighter, alive and vibrant. But beyond the body and the mind, your hair also needs to revitalise itself. Every day they are exposed to numerous external aggressions which dry them out and make them look tired, brittle and lifeless. They therefore need a moisturizing treatment to regain their vitality.



The John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge range includes: shampoo, conditioner and mask, and are available at selected stores worldwide, and online. Come into the beautiful world of John Frieda.





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