Foreo unveils a new type of power mask with the Ufo 2


Swedish skintech brand Foreo has developed an upgraded model of its UFO facial mask priming device incorporate full spectrum led-light and faster thermo-therapy for a highly customisable routine.

We’ve seen the future of beauty evolve so much over the years, with more consumers than ever looking for a personalised skin care routine. A bespoke beauty regime is the ultimate way for consumers to achieve peak skin confidence, which is something we take seriously at Foreo.

Powerful, personalized and truly luxurious, the UFO 2 has arrived, making the future of power beauty a reality. This revolutionary innovation from the Swedish skin technology company Forea will ensure that smart masks will benefit from a major improvement in 2020 with the most powerful, personalized and rapid ‘Power Mask’ treatment in the world.


With more colors than a rainbow, the UFO 2 is a greatly improved version of the award-winning UFO which appeared in the world in 2018. The latest generation of UFO exclusively offers light Full spectrum LEDs, customizable intra-app skin care routines and advanced thermotherapy that provides heat to the skin 5 times faster than the first generation.

UFO 2 couples exclusively with Power Masks activated by UFO, forming a union of avant-garde technology and releasing natural ingredients for a supreme experience of beauty salon at home.

Foreo recently released the Farm to Face masks, made from the best ingredients from around the world, including the hydrating Bulgarian Rose, purifying Green Tea and soothing Acai Berry. And for those who think they have seen it all, the Swedish brand takes luxury home a step further with the launch of the Intensive Caviar Fusion mask which transforms caviar and 24-carat gold into a jubilant anti-aging skin care product.

Come into the beautiful world of Foreo.





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