The United States has two viruses


There are two viruses in the United States of America. Covid-19 and Fox News.

It is awful to hear here in Europe the news that Fox News is spreading. While the virus is spreading fast, and has allready thousends of deaths to its name, and you keep denying this…. and say it is a lie of the Democrates… And a president who is denying…  Then I ask myself: Why? What’s the purpose of denying?

Hundreds of thousands of people dying of the virus! – Compared to the number of passengers on an airplane. That means that everyday (only in the US) a few large airplains crashes!! Maybe some people understand it now!!

No matter what some politicians say (For your own sake!):

  • Stay home as much as possible!! (with a maximal 3 visitors).
    • Limited visitors to your home whenever possible (maximal 3 visitors).
    • Keep a distance of each other of at least 1.5 meters.
  • Only go outside if it really necessary
    • For work, if you are unable to work from home, for grocery shopping (not with the whole family, when possible: only one person). For fresh air, or to do an errand for someone else.
  • Do not visit people over 70 years of age or people with vulnerable health.
    • Certainly never visit if you have any cold or fly symptoms.
  • If you go outside, keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from other people with the exeption of members of your household and children of 12 years and under).
  • Ensure good hygiëne practice
    • Wash your hands, for 20 seconds with water and soap, and dry them thoroughly.
    • Before you leave home, when you return home(!), when you blown your nose, and, of course, before eating and after going to the toilet.
    • Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow.
    • Use paper tissues to blow your nose and trow these away immediately. Wash your hands afterwards
    • Do not shake hands
    • Keep at least 1.5 meters distance (2 arm lenghts +) from others. This applies to everyone; for example; in the street, in shops, with colleagues, except at home withing the family group or Household.

Keeping a distance of at least 1.5 meters reduces the chance of people infecting each other.

To all my friends and readers worldwide

Stay healthy!! Please!





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