Lierac new Body Hydra + Gommage Micropeeling


The accumulation of dead cells on the surface of the skin is often the result of lack of water. Dehydration not only makes the skin less luscious but it also impacts on the enzymatic systems, which in particular ensure regular desquamation of cells. Accumulated on the surface of the skin, they tarnish it and make it rougher to the touch.

Inspired by the peeling technique, Lierac Laboratories are launching the new Gommage Micropeeling and thus complete the body hydra + range. This product is ideal for anyone with dry, rough, dull skin. To simultaneously ensure effective peeling and deep hydration, the Laboratories Lierac have combined four complementary active ingredients.


Hibiscus extract stimulates cell renewal thanks to its AHA concentration. It also contains mucilages, softening molecules, which counter the potentially irritating effect of these acids of fruits. No plastics, but plant micrograins, bamboo silica, medium grain and rough, and the polylactic acid of corn, with fine grains, round and soft, reinforce the peeling effect by a mechanical resurfacing action. To target skin quality, silicon firms skin, while the double hyaluronic acid complex (of high weight molecular and micro-encapsulated and sustained release) plumps the skin at all levels.

This sensorial gel was formulated to facilitate massage and make it more comfortable to use. It was enriched with plant-origin, lipid-rich coco-glucoside, which provides immediate hydration, even after rinsing.

This sensory gel was has been formulated on a glycerine base and not aqueous to facilitate massage and to give greater comfort. It has been enriched with coco-glucoside, a superfat of plant origin, which provides immediate hydration, even after rinsing. The skin is softer and fuller. While orange blossom, gardenia and frangipani flower deliver a feminine and addictive scent.


After every peeling you use, you need to take extra care of your skin, so that it is fully hydrated again. For example with Lierac Body Hydra + Lait Repulpant Body Lotion.

Lierac Body Hydra + Gommage Micropeeling comes in a 200ml tube, and is available at Lierac’s webshop and selected stores worldwide. Come int the beautiful world of Lierac.




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