Akyado ma crème Do-CBD


As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread globally, we are constantly recommended to wash our hands frequently and thoroughly as it is one of the most effective ways of prevention. The only problem is that frequent hand-washing can cause our hands to become really dry and irritated. Hands can even start cracking or become inflamed. What can we do to care for our hands?

Swiss Nailology & Pure Helvetic Care, Akyado manufacturer of Swiss cosmetics.

Akyado ma crème Do-CBD is the perfect product to repair skin but also reduce damage cause by frequent hand washing. For all skin types ma-crème Do-CBD can be used not only on hands but all over your body. Akyado ma crème Do-CBD is 96% natural and cointains 0% THC.


Akyado ma crème Do-CBD provides long-lasting hydration as well as relieving inflammations and irritations. It also protects from the effect of pollution and stimulates skin’s regeneration.

Sometimes, simplicity can be the key of success. Akyado ma crème Do-CBD comes in 100ml. and is available at their website. Come into the beautiful world of Akyado.




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