Change your red to change the world with La Bouche Rouge

It’s estimated that the world throws away a total of one billion lipsticks each year. That’s not only an inconceivable amount of lippy, but it’s also tonnes upon tonnes of plastic waste added to the sobering crisis impacting our natural environment today.

Not to mention that most lipsticks also contain microplastics in order to achieve a smooth glide on the lips. The truth is, the beauty industry has had a long-term love affair with plastic, and it’s just too difficult to change that now. Or is it?

This Dreamy New Beauty Line Wants to Make the Planet a Better Place

Today, let’s talk about some refillable, eco-responsible luxury lipsticks with precious leather cases, and also a ‘clean’ formula! Founded in 2017 by Nicolas Gerlier, a former L’Oréal executive, La Bouche Rouge is a new super trendy makeup brand made in France.

Would you be surprised to hear that many cosmetics, no matter how tiny or massive the price tag, are made in the same factory’s? It’s true, and Nicolas Gerlier has set forth to break the mold with his new company La Bouche Rouge. The lipstick brand fuses Parisian luxury and environmental accountability, and is the first start-up aided by LVMH’s cosmetology research division.

No more plastic in beauty – change your red to change the world

The Red Serum is a revolutionary lip care, enriched with natural antioxidants and anti-aging active substances, and is fragrance free. The serum contains no beeswax or animal fats and is free from micro-plastic particles. A patented method is used to micronize the pigments, which are then added to a vegetable oil.

This gives the pigment a special radiance, the product is wonderfully to apply and wear and it bonds exceptionally well with the lips. The formulation is absolutely free from immuno-compromising substances such as parabens, silicones and mineral oils – this is critical, because studies show that used regularly, the wearer ingests an amount of product equivalent to three whole lipsticks per year.

A very special lipstick has grown out of the earnest endeavor to reduce plastic waste in the cosmetics industry. Its formula is absolutely free from micro-plastics. It is also sold in a hand-made leather case that can be refilled indefinitely. Did you know that the cosmetics industry is the third-largest source of plastic waste (after the automobile and fashion industries)? 82 % of all drinking water worldwide is also tainted.

The case is magnetic, so it’s very easy to change the refill. If you don’t want to buy a case and just the refill, it’s also possible! The refill case is made of paper (so not super durable and it can become dirty quite fast). If you want to use the refill, you have to take the tube out of the case. The lipsticks are available in 3 finishes (sheer & balmy, satin and matte) and about twenty colors in the permanent collection.

Handmade to be loved forever

The lipstick container from La Bouche Rouge celebrates the age-old artisanal craft of the tanneur. Handmade at the Tannery du Puy in the Auvergne, the stylish leather case is not only an especially stunning object. It can also be refilled and enjoyed for many years to come as it accompanies you on your way.

The lipstick case can be used for all eco-recharges in their lip collection. To compose your box, select your color refill, then choose your favorite leather case. Finally customize your leather case with your initials. Change color as you wish. What is precious will always remain.

This leather case also makes a small contribution to stemming the tide of environmental pollution caused by plastics. Because, as things stand now, over a billion plastic lipstick containers end up in landfill every year. It took four years of intensive research and a total of 423 trials to arrive at the perfect basis for La Bouche Rouge lipsticks.

What if a lipstick could be a socially responsible act

With its new sustainable lipstick project, La Bouche Rouge would like to sensitize consumers, encouraging them to rethink their purchasing behavior when it comes to cosmetic products, and to act more responsibly in general. For every lipstick sold, the Bouche Rouge donates the equivalent of 100 liters of drinking water to the Eau Vive Internationale association, in the Kara Eau programme for children in the Kemerida region and the village of Hilou in Togo, which has given 25 communities access to clean drinking water and works to improve hygienic conditions overall.

I am loving it! Explore the collection with your own eyes. It is worth it! More about La Bouche Rouge, soon here on Yakymour. Come into the beautiful world of La Bouche Rouge Paris.

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