We haven’t said enough and we’ll raise our voice.


We never talked about politics on Yakymour. I had the thought that your favorite online glossy should be ‘positive and fun’. But in the years our regular readers could read between the lines how we think about things. But sometimes you must be more clearly.

At Yakymour, our values include tolerance, respect and an unwavering dedication to diversity and inclusion. We stand in solidarity with our readers to take action. The responsibility is on all of us and we pledge to continue sharing our ongoing efforts.

We’re listening and we hear you. We haven’t said enough and we’ll raise our voice. We stand against any act of discrimination and injustice in our society.

At Yakymour we want to use the privilege of our platform to make a difference. The events that are happening are painful reminder that we have so much further to go.

It is up to all of us to make a change. I stand with the black community and everyone working to end systemic racism and inequality.


Jean Amr, owner Yakymour




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