The Shapeshifters Featuring Billy Porter – ‘Finally Ready’

The-Shapeshifters-feat-Billy-Porter-Finally Ready-02

Billy Porter debuts on Glitterbox with this empowering anthem, produced by The Shapeshifters. A label debut for the Grammy, Tony and Emmy Award-winning singer, actor, director, composer and playwright, ‘Finally Ready’ will be released digitally during Pride month, on Friday 26 June.

As a gay man coming out in 1985 in the middle of a plague, love was not an option, love was transient, love was what other people had. Because if you allowed yourself to be vulnerable enough to be in love that person could be dead in a matter of weeks. So we cut ourselves off from that unconsciously ….. I’m ready. I’m finally ready. To experience what real love is.

Billy Porter

The message behind the music is that no matter where you come from, on the dancefloor there’s acceptance and hope. Co-written by Billy, ‘Finally Ready’ is a declaration of Pride, of breaking free from past traumas to take a chance on love. Motivated by his personal journey through the AIDs crisis and the emotional scars that left him with

‘Finally Ready’ hits on so many levels for me. First, being ‘finally ready’ to experience what real love is. And thankfully, I have somebody who loves me enough to love me through trauma, to be present, and allow me to grow, into this. I’m also ‘finally ready’ to be who I am, who I’ve always been. It has been a rough road, I’ve been through so many changes, but I always kept the faith and now I’m here. And lastly, I’ve made a lot of different kinds of music – R&B, show tunes, ballads. But it should come as no surprise to anyone at all that disco is in my blood! I love to feel sparkly and have that light shine back into the audience. So, yes, I am ‘finally ready’ to make a classic disco record. And I am so very lucky and blessed to be working with the best in the business, Defected, Glitterbox, and The Shapeshifters. Now, let’s dance!”

Billy Porter

The Shapeshifters’ Simon’s dedication to his craft has resulted in singles that could stand up alongside golden era disco records as much as they sound fresh on dancefloors today. His relationship with Glitterbox has previously yielded tracks like ‘Try My Love’ and ‘Life Is A Dancefloor’, tracks that lyrically and musically epitomise the label’s ethos, preserving disco’s mission to uplift and empower.

The Shapeshifters’ cinematic strings and live horns give a suitably theatrical backdrop to Billy’s voice. Crafted and brimming with emotion, the joyful message of ‘Finally Ready’ rings true through Billy’s lyrics, aiming to create dancefloor moments for years to come.

The Shapeshifters & Billy Porter deliver a future classic…  ‘Finally Ready’ is out now on Glitterbox Recordings.





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