Le Labo Heads to Montauk for Summer Residency


Founded in 2006 in New York City by Eddie Roschi and Fabrice Penot, Le Labo (French  the laboratory’) is an Estée Lauder perfume house. Le Labo produces fragrances and ambient room scents. The formulations do not include animal products, preservatives  paraben or coloration, and are not tested on animals. The fragrances are compounded at the time of purchase with the client’s name printed on the labels of the boxes and the perfume flacons.

Those looking to freshen up their scent following the restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic can now do so safely with the Le Labo on Wheels project, which just kicked off in Montauk.

Today Le Labo has announced plans for a Summer residency at the beachfront Marram Hotel in Montauk. Titled ‘Le Labo on Wheels’, the project will see the fragrance label pack up its full boutique, lab and sink into a truck and head out to the sunny coast. The pop-up accompanies the brand’s new Basil line, which is represented in the pop-up with ocean smells and personalization.

The services available from the temporary location will include compounding perfumes in the movable lab. These products will then feature a personalized label explaining that they were produced ‘in Montauk, at the end of the world’. The full Le Labo collection will also be available from the truck.

The set up at the Marram is the first edition of the ‘Le Labo on Wheels’ project. Over the coming years, Le Labo will take its temporary lab to more locations around the world. ‘Le Labo on Wheels’ at the Marram Hotel in Montauk will be open for three weeks, running from July 22 until August 12. Come into the beautiful world of Le Labo.





2 thoughts on “Le Labo Heads to Montauk for Summer Residency

  1. Wow. A perfume lab on wheels, amazing! (Covid-19 has brought out a lot of creativity on many people and their artistic/inventive talents. Not that I am grateful for this vicious virus, I applaud man’s resiliency to get over the restrictions this corona virus has brought into our lives).

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