Full eyebrows? Lamination is the alternative to microblading

As teenagers we sometimes picked our eyebrows a little too fanatically, but now we know better. We even do everything we can to keep our eyebrows nice and fluffy. Now microblading is one way to do that, but eyebrow lamination is also becoming increasingly popular.

Difference microblading and brow lamination

Microblading has been a popular method for full eyebrows for years. Pigment is injected into the skin with a small needle. This creates the illusion of more hairs. A certain technique is also used with eyebrow lamination to make eyebrows look fuller. The big difference? This ‘lamination’ does not involve the use of a needle and no pigment is used.

Brow Lamination, also called eyebrow lamination, is an eyebrow treatment in which the hair structure is reconstructed so that the hairs are fixed in a desired direction.

No needle, no pigment? Sounds almost like something you can do at home. Still, eyebrow lamination is definitely not something you can pick up as a DIY project. It is something that should only be done professionally. So what exactly happens?

This is how eyebrow lamination works

First, the beautician applies a special cream to your eyebrows that lifts the hairs. The person then uses a brush to brush the hair in a certain direction for the ‘lifted brow look’. Then a kind of liquid is applied that ensures that your eyebrow maintains that shape.

Lastly, a nourishing oil is applied to prevent your skin from drying out or being irritated by the chemicals. Do you have thin eyebrows? Then the eyebrows are also sometimes dyed to make the hairs extra full and fluffy.

This method is perfect for people who have thinning eyebrows or have small gaps in their eyebrows. It is also useful for people who are afraid of needles. Any downside? The result fades faster than with microblading. Eyebrow lamination is something that you should actually do every six to eight weeks to keep up, depending on the hair cycle. A treatment lasts about 1 hour.


Unfortunately, the treatment is not suitable for everyone. For example, the skin can become irritated by the chemicals. Think especially of redness, bumps, itching and in severe cases even small swellings. For this reason, the treatment is not recommended for people who suffer from sensitive skin, eczema or rosacea.

No sensitive skin? You can safely undergo the treatment. Unfortunately, the results are only temporary and you can only make a touch-up appointment after six weeks. Don’t do that before, because even then irritation can still occur. In addition, the hairs of your eyebrows can be damaged if you expose them too often to those chemicals.

What should I (not) do for eyebrow lamination?

As a precaution for brow lamination, you definitely don’t want to use exfoliants, retinoids, AHAs, or anything like that before your brow lamination appointment. In addition, do not wax, thread or epilate at least a week before your appointment. The use of a tanning bed is also not recommended, at least one week before the treatment,

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