Jerome Alexander Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Collection

For more than 50 years, makeup artist Jerome Alexander has brought out the beauty in women by teaching them to become their own makeup artists. For his golden anniversary as makeup artist he launched three of his iconic products is a beautiful golden glamourous set.

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful.

Jerome Alexander

Three of Jerome Alexander’s best-selling products combined into one set. Cover imperfections with our light MagicMinerals Foundation Powder, which gives you a gorgeous, natural matte finish, without the heavy buildup. The anti-aging CoverAge Concealer will diminish undereye darkness, while the Rollerball hydrates and refreshes your tired eyes during the day.

MagicMinerals Powder Foundation

MagicMinerals Powder Foundation that Conceals, Covers, and Corrects – All in 1! What sets MagicMinerals Powder Foundation apart from other mineral makeup on the market? They’ve removed the most common problems associated with the way foundation appears on your skin. No more looking heavily made-up, greasy, or cakey.

MagicMinerals Powder Foundation diminishes the appearance of age spots, dark circles, and uneven skin tones without getting caught in fine lines and wrinkles. It’s available in 4 natural, blendable shades, allowing you to build coverage as you need it! It naturally adjusts to the shade of your skin, and it last up to 12 hours.

MagicMinerals Powder Foundation is fragrance, talc and paraben free.

CoverAge Concealer

CoverAge Concealer is a rich, creamy buildable and blendable anti-aging under eye concealer and skin care treatment all-in-one. CoverAge Concealer glides on smoothly to cover and conceal undereye darkness and other imperfection for a brighter and youthful look. The center core of the CoverAge Concealer contains a proprietary blend of skincare actives to hydrate and nourish tired eyes as it creates a crease-resistant coverage.

Short Handle Kabuki Brush

The Short Handle Kabuki Brush is unique soft bristles for precise, all-over coverage.

CoverAge Rollerball

The on-the-go CoverAge Rollerball allows you to refresh and soothe your tired eyes anytime, anywhere! It also contains a proprietary blend of skincare actives to hydrate your skin during the day.

Jerome Alexander’s Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Collection is available at Jerome Alexander. Watch the documentary short film  ‘The Man Behind The Make-Up’. It chronicles his life, career and how he changed the beauty world forever. To watch the documentary short film , visit:

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