Sensual and powdery Juliette Has A Gun Musc Invisible

Sometimes you smell a scent that you fall in love with instantly. Juliette Has A Gun showed us before. What we really want to say is, we love many of the scents they create. This time it is again hit: Musc Invisible is an airy, powdery scent that is already a favorite after just smelling it. It is a fragrance that can always be used, during the day or in the evening. A dreamy and nostalgic scent that you cannot get enough of.

Romano Ricci, founder of the perfume house, describes the new creation as sweet and sensual and a perfume that strangely reminds him of the scent of fair skin, just starting to perspire.

Musc Invisible by Juliette Has a Gun is a powdery perfume with notes of jasmine, cotton flower and white musk. A breezy fragrance that’s as comfortable and unfussy as your favorite old pair of jeans… suitable for both work and casual dates. A dreamy and nostalgic scent of comfortable notes, lying on a silky smooth base of creamy musk. The perfect fusion of body and soul.

Juliette Has A Gun Musc Invisible is available as 7.5, 50, en 100ml Eau de Parfum at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Juliette Has A Gun.

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