Christian Dior The Scent of Poison

French Maison Christian Dior released a new video campaign for its cult fragrance, Hypnotic Poison from 1998, an oriental with notes of almond, jasmine, and vanilla.

Exuding a brazen, conquering spirit, Hypnotic Poison is an intriguing and arresting oriental fragrance.

François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

Created by François Demachy, Hypnotic Poison isn’t a fragrance you wear, it’s a fragrance that wears you. With Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette, the fashion house has created a magnetic and sensual fragrance, the stuff of modern perfumery legend. A captivating and incredibly sensual Oriental.

In the spirit of the season (on the eve of Halloween) and in accordance with the image of this perfume line (Hypnotic Poison carries epithets of unnerving, bewitching, and enchanting), the new campaign exudes a spooky, mysterious, and surreal atmosphere, as well as the elegance of the French court and the French fashion house.

The face of the new campaign is fashion model Sophie Martynova. Various Dior fashion pieces are evident in the campaign, as well as the iconic flacon of Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette and the Roller Pearl edition. 

The video ad of the new campaign is accompanied by an Instagram campaign, which shows the flacon of the perfume caught in flames and red roses from which blood drips.

Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison is available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau the Toilette and a Roller Pearl edition at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Christian Dior.

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