French Maison Hermès a Diversity Leader

A creator, artisan and seller of high-quality objects since 1837, Hermès is an independent, family-owned French house that employs more than 15,000 people worldwide. Driven by its permanent entrepreneurial spirit and consistently high standards, Hermès cultivates the freedom and autonomy of each individual through responsible management.

The company perpetuates the transmission of exceptional know-how through strong territorial presence that respects people and nature, a source of exceptional materials. Fifteen artisanal métiers nurture the creativity of the Maison, whose collections are presented in over 300 stores around the world.

Now Hermès reached the fifth position in the ‘Diversity Leaders’ ranking published by the British newspaper Financial Times, which assesses employees’ perception of companies’ inclusiveness and efforts to promote various aspects of diversity. To establish it, an independent survey was conducted in 16 European countries among more than 100,000 employees from 15,000 companies.

French Maison Hermès is a mosaic of men and women who work every day for its development all over the world. Maintaining its diversity of people and talents is at the foundation of the Maison’s richness and creativity. As a responsible employer, Hermès continues to develop concrete actions in favour of ethics, diversity management, inclusiveness, gender balance, and integrating people with disabilities.

Well deseved. I would like to go a little step further: In the years that I worked for Hermès, I cannot say otherwise, that Hermès is one big family. It was never important whether you are male or female, what color your skin is, wheter you are straight or gay, or…… Those details are not important, it’s about who yóu are…. Hermès was – and still is – way ahead of its time.

Come into the beautiful world of Hermès.

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