His ‘Marble’ Airness

Born in 1980, in Utrecht, Dutch artist Frank E. Hollywood always knows how to suprise. Based in Amsterdam His works explore the tensions between the past, present and future. Not interested in simply reimagining the past, Frank draws on a collective visual memory of the past, to present us with something truly new and exceptional. Not limited to one specific medium or technique, his body of works range from oil paintings to marble sculptures.

Frank E. Hollywood’s art shows a tension between the future and the past. He does not create a romanticised picture of the past. On the contrary, he draws from the collective visual history to create a truly modern image. Frank’s work shows his future ideas about art. Nostalgic images are recycled, creating something modern and unique.

Stone carving is still considered very traditional by many viewers. They see and recognise the craft and the material before they are able to see the object itself. Frank E. Hollywood’s sculptures are undoubtedly recognisable figurative. By using iconic objects as inspiration, which are carved into stone to tell new stories, he aims to blur the lines between past, present and future.

‘His Airness’ is available in two versions, in Italian white Carrara Marble and black Nero Marquina Marble, each version comes in an edition of 25 unique pieces. Measurements: 27 x 11 x 16 cm.

Frank is originally from Amsterdam and has permanent representation from art galleries in Amsterdam and Barcelona. Frank has exhibited throughout Europe in major leading galleries and has shown in many prestigious art fairs.

Frank E. Hollywood is represented by: Samuel Owen Gallery (USA), Villa Del Arte (Amsterdam), Reload Gallery (UK), The Boutique Gallery (Belgium), and Gallery Wolfsen (Denmark). Come into the amazing world of Frank E. Hollywood.

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