Aesop Sensory Chronicles Gift Sets

Each year, Aesop unveils its gift sets that I am always a huge fan of. Themed around ‘Sensory Chronicles’, the 2020-2021 sets are inspired by the power of imagination with a forgotten work of literature included in each gift set. As well as the literature, the sets contain a range of stand-out Aesop products.

Take a look at the sets below, that are all housed in a biodegradable case which is produced from 100 percent recycled material.

Aesop Chance Companion Set

Aesop’s ‘Chance Companion’ set includes two full-size bottles of the brand’s best-selling hand and body products, making it the perfect gift for fans of the label. It comes in a recycled paper pulp presentation box that’s printed with a QR code – scan it to hear short stories by the modernist writer Katherine Mansfield.

Aesop The Lore Collector Set

Aesop’s ‘The Lore Collector’ set is all about nourishing your body as well as your mind. It includes four soothing staples to help skin remain hydrated and supple. Plus, if you scan the QR code on the recycled pulp packaging, you’ll hear a relaxing audiobook with tales from folklorist Lafcadio Hearn.

Aesop Seasoned Wayfarer Set

Aesop’s ‘Seasoned Wayfarer’ set is a thoughtful gift for those who love hosting. It includes three aromatic products for the home, all packaged inside a recycled paper pulp presentation box printed with a QR code – scan it with a phone to unlock a range of audio stories by Nobel Prize-winning writer Rabindranath Tagore.

Aesop The Metaphysical Voyager Set

With Aesop’s ‘The Metaphysical Voyager’ set, you can enjoy skin-friendly benefits and some magical storytelling as well. You’ll find a scannable QR code on the recycled pulp packaging that reveals an audiobook version of the Brazilian author Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis‘ The Delirium and other stories.

Aesop The Ardent Nomad Set

Each skincare product in Aesop’s ‘The Ardent Nomad’ set is infused with Parsley Seed, an antioxidant-rich extract that promotes a calm, supple complexion. It’s boxed in recycled pulp packaging – scan the QR code to hear audio samples from the diary entries of legendary explorer Isabelle Eberhardt for an inspirational way to start the day.

The 2020 gift kits are available via the Aesop web store on from now until October 31, 2021. Come into the beautiful world of Aesop.

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