Escada Summer Festival invites you to live every moment of your life like a party

As summer approaches, German fashion house Escade invites all girls to immerse themselves in the spirit of an unforgettable escape with the new Limited Edition Escada Summer Festival Eau de Toilette. A new bright, floral-fruity scent to its loyal customers, completing the perfume line with a new dose of serenity and happiness. This year, the emphasis is on icy notes of flowers and fruits, which will go great with the hot summer of 2021.

Close your eyes and imagine the festival of your dreams: as fairground rides light up and music pulses through the warm air, you and your friends celebrate with iced cocktails, enjoying the heat of the sun on your shoulders and the feel of the grass under your feet. Slowly, the sky becomes a spectrum of pink and gold. As a magical night descends, you dance together amid an explosion of fireworks, your hair dressed in beautiful flower crowns.

Inspired by the idea of a tribe of girlfriends assisting to one of the biggest Summer Festivals of all times and created by the dynamic duo Amandine Clerc Marie and Gabriela Chelariu, Escada Summer Festival invites you to live every moment of your life like a party… and to sprinkle your day with the exclusive Summer Festival Glitter Body Mist.

The irresistibly fruity-floral scent of Summer Festival Limited Edition is the living memory of this journey. Opening with a sparkling accord of cherry blossom encapsulated in ice cubes, the perfume offers a joyful heart of natural green mandarin and delicate jasmine petals, while a base of sensual sandalwood ensures the festival spirit lasts all day long.

Top notes: cherry blossom in ice cubes
Middle notes: jasmine Sambac, green mandarin
Base notes: sandalwood

The iconic Escada fragrance bottle gets pink and is newly decorated with hot pink lips, perfectly reflecting the sparkling makeup used during most famous Summer Festivals. A glittering, metallized effect on the eye-catching carton recalls bohemian festival make-up, while colorful illustrations of jasmine flowers, cherry blossom, and musical notes complete the immersive, festival-inspired design.

Escada Summer Festival is available as 30, 50 and 100ml Limited Edition Eau de Toilette, and a 250ml Glitter Fragrance Body Mist at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Escada.

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