Extreme Lightning, the 2,000 horsepower electric hypercar is Made in Italy

Automobili Estrema is a new brand of excellence in the automobile industry which is specialized in design to manufacturing of low volume electric vehicles using the latest technologies, manufactured with light weight composite materials and powered by all electric high performance powertrains.

Their operations are split between beautiful South Tirol – Alto Adige, north Italy – Torino, the Italian capital of automotive design and Modena, the heart of the Italian Supercar Valley home of some of the most iconic automobile brands in the world.

Automobili Estrema, headquartered in Modena, Italy, was founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Gianfranco Pizzuto. In the past, he has worked with Fisker Automotive as an investor and partner, and Jaguar Land Rover Italy as an ambassador for the I-Pace electric crossover. But in general, Pizzuto calls himself an automobile consultant, and his new company – a boutique automaker.

Ours mission is to create a new Italian Car Brand of Design Excellence which is specialized in designing, engineering and manufacturing low volume Zero Emissions hypercars and supercars using the latest technologies and light weight materials.

Gianfranco Pizzuto, founder Automobili Estrema

The debut project of the new niche brand will be the Fulminea electric hypercar, which will challenge the Lotus Evija and the Aspark Owl. Estrema will build 61 copies of the Fulminea in Modena, Italy, a heavily spoileredhypercar that has its undoubtedly exuberant appearance hidden under a canvas for the time being.

The Estrema Fulminea design process started with the dream of combining extreme performance with advanced active aerodynamics and indisputable Italian flair. The Fulminea (translated from Italian: lightning fast) will have a clean, decise and yet sophisticated exclusive design.

An elegant combination of the analog and digital world paired with the right sporty touch. Despite the incredible racing car like performance, thepilot behind the wheel will feel the right level of comfort. One might say that it’s almost like flying.

The Estrema Fulminea will be the first street legal hypercar to be equipped with an innovative Hybrid Battery Pack which uses a combination of ABEE’s (Avesta Battery Energy Engineering) solid state cells paired with ultra-capacitors from Skeleton Technologies. The hybrid battery pack will be engineered and assembled in cooperation with battery specialist IMECAR Elektronik.

These two different cell types are packed into 2 separated robust carbon composite cases, the one with the ultracapacitors on the front axle while the bigger one containing the ‘cell to pack’ solid state Li-ion cells positioned behind the cabin and before the rear axle for a perfect weight distribution and low center of gravity.

The all electric powertrain will feature 4 motors with a total peak power of 1.5 MW ( 2,040 HP) allowing the Fulminea to accelerate from 0 to 320 km/h (0 to 200 mp/h) in under 10 seconds. With its hybrid battery pack of 100 kWh, the expected WLTP range will be of 520 km (323 miles).

Thanks to the innovative solid-state cells, the high-performance hybrid battery (with cell to pack technology) will reach an unprecedented energy density of 450 Wh/kg (1,200 Wh/l) with a predicted weight under 300 kg (661 lb) and a total curb weight of Fulminea of 1,500 kg (3,307 lb).

Manual assembly will be set up at a facility in Modena. Interestingly, the corporate color of the car is the blue Azzurro Savoia, the color that previously symbolized the House of Savoy, the family under which the unification of Italy and the creation of the Italian kingdom took place.

The adjective Estrema in the company’s name refers to the poet Gabriele d’Annunzio, who wrote a letter to Fiat founder Giovanni Agnelli in 1920 and explained why the car can only be feminine. D’Annunzio believed that cars are inherent in grace and some frivolity, and they are also very seductive.

Passion and vision slowly paying off. Come into the beautiful world of Automobili Estrema for many exciting future announcements!

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