Inspired by the sacred site of Pushkar in Rajasthan: Ella K Rose de Pushkar

Few current perfume houses have been created by women perfumers, so Ella K is no exception. Designer perfumer at Givaudan for the biggest brands, Sonia Constant pays tribute to feminine audacity with Ella K.

Trained in perfumery in two prestigious schools, ISIPCA and Givaudan, Sonia was fortunate to be accompanied during her theoretical and practical learning by renowned mentors, like Christine Nagel. True to the Givaudan house since the beginning of her career, she has shaped over the years, and olfactory successes, a creative personality of her own, where instinct and intuition do not have the part of beautiful by chance. Curious, her passion never seems to erode, Sonia constantly feeds on everything she doesn’t know.

Also in her bag, a Leica camera and a Moleskine notebook to catch images or thoughts and leave nothing unanswered. In her distant journeys, a miniature ‘head space’ captures for her unknown scents that she then sets out to analyze, decipher, decode. Stored in her memory, they may become the inspiration or backbone of one of his next compositions. Colors, atmospheres, landscapes or emotions become all pretexts to write a new olfactory score. As painters draw and musicians compose, Sonia Constant assembles ingredients from which she makes perfumes.

A journey in Africa, in Asia, from the cradle of the Renaissance to the wonders of the Orient… She wanders elegantly through time to every corner of the globe and created remarkable fragrances for Valentino, Viktor & Rolf, and Narciso Rodriguez.

Ella K, an adventure with vast horizons, in which Sonia Constant delivers her worldview from a more philosophical and personal point of view.

In 2017, in parallel with her work as a perfumer for the biggest brands, Sonia Constant created her own new brand wirh Olivier Gagliardi, an expert in raw materials, and also her partner and companion in this new olifactory and business adventure.

Ella K Parfums pays tribute to Asians regions and to women who dare to live their lives. Epupa My Love, Altai Melody, Reflection On The Okavango, Scream Of The Kalahari, Leather From Puskar, Memory Of Daisen In, Florance Kiss, Sagano’s Poem, Kaho-Sok Mists, Rain On Ha-Long, ten ways to answer the call of a new journey.

Ella K’s latest creation Rose de Puskar is presented as an ode to desire, inspired by the sacred site of Pushkar in Rajasthan. Visual opulence and intoxicating aromas underline Pushkar’s specialness. The roses bloom only on the shore of the lake and the setting sun provides a vivid backdrop to the dreamy place. Holding ‘the power of the dreamlike’, it is a heady fragrance composed of the richness of spices, precious woods, and rose. 

Pushkar Rose, a masterful, incandescent, proud and unsubmissive rose irradiated by the Oud… “I wanted to capture that suspended moment when the roses and their petals thrown as offerings by pilgrims during the day, still float at dusk and are reflected in the water of the sacred lake on full moon evenings. a vibrant rose, multi petals…”.

Top notes: rose water, lychee, black pepper, saffron, olibanum
Heart: rose oil, white cedar, oud, sandalwood, patchouli
Base: leather, cistus, tonka bean, amber, musk

In the background, the musk already irradiated by the rose comes alive in contact with the intoxicating smell of the oud and recalls the magical and unreal atmosphere of this sacred village. The saffron, in a fireworks carries the rose in a fiery pas de deux to the gates of the desert.

Ella K Rose de Puskar is available as a 70ml Eau de Parfum at selected stores worldwide and online. Come into the beautiful world of Ella K.

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