Fortero to help men restore their hair to former glory

Seiseidou America, Inc. is thrilled to announce its micro-bubble shampoo and conditioner – Fortero, which is set to improve men’s hair. Fortero was borne out of the need to help men restore their hair to its former glory. Illnesses, medical treatments, and even stress have been proven to lead to hair loss. Loss of hair can affect a man socially and emotionally with an impact on confidence. In a bid to curtail this, the Fortero team came up with Fortero shampoo and conditioner.

Fortero is a carbonic acid shampoo and revitalizing conditioner that contains minoxidil – a tried and proven hair growth stimulator. Fortero delivers millions of tiny carbon bubbles that clean up gunky greasy sebum that accumulate around hair follicles. The micro-bubble shampoo blasts the sebum out of its stronghold and allows hair follicles to flourish. While the shampoo actively cleanses the scalp and pores, a matching conditioner and minoxidil strengthen the hair to encourage growth. The carbon bubbles also allow other hair growth products, like those that facilitate hair growth using Minoxidil, to work even more effectively.

The micro-bubble shampoo and conditioner are made entirely of natural, safe ingredients that are dermatologically certified. Each of the ingredients is ecologically friendly, sustainable, and wasn’t tested or used on animals at any time. And unlike many medicines and healthcare products, there are no hormone-disrupting parabens.

For more information on Fortero, come into the beautiful world of Fortero.

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