Eluxe launches its new product with micro bubble technology for women’s hair care

Elux has launched a new carbonic acid shampoo with an aim to redefine hair care for women. The shampoo is set to combat the common hair problems that women face, some of this issues include brittle, dry, unhealthy and damaged hair.

The shampoo is specially formulated with soft micro bubbles that serve an important role in penetrating deep into the root of the hair. This helps in getting rid of all the grime and dirt build-up that is stuck on the hair and scalp. Hair is now able to better absorb hair products leaving one with smooth, soft and healthy hair.

Eluxe shampoos are packed with natural ingredients that are essential for healthy hair, they include; plant based nutrients like green tea which effectively promotes regeneration of hair. Other ingredients include macadamia oil, avocado oil and japonica seed oil. They all help in preventing hair loss as well as dandruff and microbial buildup. In addition, Eluxe products contain 100 percent fragrance free essential oils to add nutrients that are vital in having healthy glossy hair.

For more information on Eluxe products, come into the beautiful world of Eluxe.

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