East meets west: Valmont Zafferano I

Valmont has just launched Zafferano I, the seventh opus in the Swiss company’s Storie Veneziane collection. Zafferano I is an ambery-spicy scent with oud, composed by French perfumer Cécile Zarokian. A tribute to Venice’s San Polo Marketplace, the start of the spice trade where East meets West, Zafferano I reinterprets the opulence, generosity, and authenticity unique to the Moorish rites of sharing and camaraderie. The first merchants to arrive in Venice from the East, the Moors made the enveloping and joyful custom of a tea ceremony the centerpiece of the San Polo Marketplace.

Primary stage of the spice trade of which Venice once held a monopoly, the San Polo marketplace is the embodiment of the city’s oriental facets. An explosion of colours, an abundance of merchandise, a place where cultures converge and human warmth reigns, the spirit of goodwill sealed by the traditional tea ceremony.

This spicy floral extract is an illustration of this wealth of textures, scents, and sweet honey flavours. Its generous wake is an immediate invitation to visit lands afar and celebrate the authenticity of moments shared. Comprised of a warm spicy surge of saffron, the elegant bigaradier flower that marks the composition’s floral heart and oud essence, the noble signature of oriental scents, Zafferano I is a shared scent for both men and women that exudes a fiery spirit and joie de vivre!

Just like other scents in the Storie Veneziane collection, Zafferano I is characterized by a hand-blown Venetian mask that adorns the front of the flacon. Zafferano’s opulent golden flacon design of deep sienna Murano glass and dark caramel leather cap accentuate the rich variety of sumptuous materials overlapping in multiple textures.

Valmont Zafferano I is available as100ml in Extrait de Parfum concentration at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Valmont.

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