Rouge Dior Minaudiere – The Atelier of Dreams

To celebrate the holiday season, French Maison Dior presents this gold-tone minaudiere filled with beauty favourites. It contains a lipstick holder, a limited edition Rouge Dior Lipstick and three refills that offer you the opportunity to find your perfect shade.

French Maison Christian Dior presents the iconic Rouge Dior in a couture limited edition for the holidays that arrives in a unique gift set: Rouge Dior Minaudiere.

The Rouge Dior’ Minaudiere’, a testament to the savoir-faire of the Maison’s ateliers and a tribute to the iconic address at 30 Avenue Montaigne, which has been the beating heart of the fashion house from the very beginning.

Timeless and travel-friendly, thanks to its practical chain strap, the minaudiere features a removable case and lipstick holder. It can be carried as a clutch, over the shoulder, or around the neck for a modern, sophisticated look.

Rouge Dior is available in four exclusive shades with different finishes: 466 Pink Rose, a natural pearly pink with a satin finish, 858 Red Pansy, a matte red-brown, 862 Winter Poppy, a velvet red with a cool shimmer, and 873 Sparkling Peony, a bold metallic burgundy.

Rouge Dior, a long-wear lipstick with a formula enriched with natural-origin ingredients – red peony extract, pomegranate flower extract, and shea butter – delivers 16 hours of comfort to the lips.

The formula of the Rouge Dior lipstick, as Dior claims, respects the lips because it is enriched with natural-origin ingredients, such as red peony extract. With its protective properties, peony extracts help to preserve the lips’ natural hydration, bring out their radiance and enhance the luminosity of the lipstick shades that dress them.

Pomegranate flower extract helps to improve overall lip quality and makes them supple and soft, and Shea butter, which complements the floral extracts protective action, provides intense nourishment. Besides the beauty of the chosen shades, the Rouge Dior lips became very smooth and cherished.

Dior Rouge Dior Minaudiere ‘The Atelier of Dreams Edition Box & Couture Lipstick Case’ is available at the price of $190 at and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Dior.

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