Rochas Girl Blooming a new limited edition

After last year’s debut of Rochas Girl, French Maison Rochas launched a new limited edition flanker: Girl Blooming. Girl Blooming Edition Eau De Toilette is a magnificent floral bouquet. A fragrance to feel pure joy and positivity.

Composed by Paul Guerlain of IFF, a grandson of the famous Jean-Paul Guerlain, Rochas Girl Blooming is an ode to nature and joie de vivre, this vegan, 90% naturally derived Eau de Toilette is gifted with the ability to awaken the senses and spark joy. While remaining a citrus woody floral, Girl Blooming is fresher, with citruses in the top and citrus flowers in the heart of the composition.

Top: blackcurrant bud, bergamot, mandarin
Heart: orange blossom, jasmine, neroli
Base: musks, sandalwood, cedarwood

It all begins with a burst of optimism. It gives an all-new initial impression that still manages to retain an air of mysterious familiarity. Your mind recognizes the invigorating crunch of blackcurrant bud at the start, with a new twist: the sparkle of tangy bergamot paired with juicy mandarin. Quickly, very quickly, a smile graces your lips. Say thank you to the gush of a thousand immaculate petals of orange blossom, jasmine, and neroli, flooding your soul with wellness and light. This is radiant florality at its peak; the sensation of elation is irresistible. On a cloud of musks, sandalwood and cedarwood lay a warm, sensual aura on the skin for a feeling of plenitude that lasts all the way until the evening.

An eco-conscious flacon

A partly recycled plastic cap sits on top of a bottle made in France from 40% PCR recycled glass, obtained from collected household glass, to reduce the carbon footprint of production and lower water usage. Its water-based lacquer and ink stamping generate energy savings of 30% and 50% respectively.

The tender green colour of the packaging and flacon blossoms and bursts with delicate white flowers. Yet, the delicate floral pattern still leaves a strong impression, promising a palette of positive sensations.

Rochas Girl Blooming is coming next month in two sizes Eau de Toilette, 100 ml and 40 ml. and will be available for a limited time at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Rochas.

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