Maison Givenchy’s Hôtel Particulier Collection

This spring, Givenchy is expanding its emblematic Collection Particulière with three new scents. The sleek black flacons draw inspiration from the opulence of Givenchy founder Hubert de Givenchy’s Hôtel Particulier in Paris.

French Maison Givenchy launched its prestigious La Collection Particulière Collection in 2020. The collection is biographically inspired, with perfume names signifying important additions to the fashion world or symbolizing different moments in the life of the Maison’s founder Hubert de Givenchy.

The three new editions come as Eaux de Parfums Intense and form a sub-collection called Givenchy Hôtel Particulier. The new fragrances are: Foudroyant, Equivoque, and Noctambule.

Givenchy Hôtel Particulier Foudroyant

A clash of warm Amber Balm and green Cedar Leaf Essence draped in opulent Malaysian Oud, for a flamboyant Eau de Parfum.

Foudroyant opens the door to the secret apartment in the Givenchy Hôtel Particulier and scans the guests with a piercing gaze. “If looks could kill” makes perfect sense, and each glance is a tempting invitation to discover the house’s mysteries.

Top: Canada cedar leaf essence
Heart: Amber balm (Tolu balm & labdanum)
Base: Malaysian oud essence

This amber fragrance combines supreme elegance with the most intense addiction. Aromatic notes of Cedar Leaf merge with a mysterious, woody depth. Bringing warmth, Tolu Balm from Latin America is obtained by specialists who climb the trees to extract this amber elixir. Between light and darkness, this dual fragrance is wrapped in an exceptionally pure Oud Essence, extracted with great savoir-faire by Master Distillers.

Labdanum accessorizes this charismatic fragrance to create a powerfully seductive scent.

Mix & match

Add Accord Particulier de Givenchy to amplify the balmy and resinous facets of Foudroyant, for the most mysteriously elegant and intensely woody perfume.

Givenchy Hôtel Particulier Noctambule

The sacred union of Centifolia Rose from Grasse and a Papyrus Roots accord layered with Malaysian Oud, for an opulently nocturnal eau de parfum.

After the stroke of midnight, Noctambule reveals a dark and mysterious side in the Givenchy Hôtel Particulier. This night owl leads the crowd to the boudoir to keep the party going until dawn.

Top: rose Centifolia from Grasse infusion & essence
Heart: papyrus 
Base: Malaysian oud essence

This fragrance pays tribute to one of the most iconic flowers: the Centifolia Rose. Delicately hand-picked during the month of May, the petals deliver their floral signature through both Rose Essence and Rose Infusion. Beyond this elegant floral facet, the silage unveils an enigmatic scent, associating daring rose with the earthy notes of the Papyrus Roots accord. This is wrapped in the richest Malaysian Oud to reveal animalic and woody notes.

This floral-woody irreverence is dressed up with the vibrant and spicy notes of Pink Pepper and Cumin Essence.

Mix & match

Add Accord Particulier de Givenchy to reveal a more carnal floral side to Noctambule’s rose duo. The spicy and woody notes become even more faceted, for an intensely sensual scent.

Givenchy Hôtel Particulier Equivoque

Fresh Guatemalan Cardamom is combined with the depth of Assam Oud also dressed in opulent Malaysian Oud, for a complex and ambiguous eau de parfum.

Equivoque doesn’t tick any boxes or fit any molds. Sometimes complicated, sometimes paradoxical, this elusive character hides from the bustle in the private rooms of the Givenchy Hôtel Particulier.

Top: Guatemala cardamom essence
Heart: Virginian & Atlas cedar wood essences
Base: Bangladesh Assam & Malaysian oud essences

Delicately harvested by hand, Cardamom is one of the most precious spices. Its pungent essence is obtained by steam distillation of dried seeds, in a sustainable process. It is contrasted with Assam Oud in this spicy eau de parfum, whose elegantly woody and extremely ambery fragrance is harnessed through the precise savoir-faire of experienced Master Distillers.

The enigmatic Cardamom-Assam Oud accord is embellished with Malaysian Oud, Gaiac and Atlas Cedar Essences, creating a deliciously disconcerting effect.

Mix & match

Add Accord Particulier de Givenchy to take Equivoque even further. The spicy Oud is illuminated with a brighter woody note, marrying classicism with distinguished modernity.

The flacon

Givenchy’s Hôtel Particulier Collection is housed in the same rectangular flacons used for the existing perfumes in the line, but are differentiated thanks to the golden accents on the packaging. The flacons, created by Pochet du Courval, integrate 15% recycled glass and are lacquered with a black gradient effect.

A smooth black wraparound label adorns the flacon facing; the text is screenprinted in gold and the label finished with a satin varnish. A golden-colored fragrance pump is fitted to the flacon, which is topped with a magnetic cap decorated with a golden, anodized aluminium plate bearing the Maison’s logo. The plate can be personalized by replacing it with a different design – for this launch Givenchy released two new variants – granite-like textured gold or hammered gold.

Givenchy’s Hôtel Particulier Collection is available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum Intense at Givenchy Boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Givenchy.

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