Maison Berger Paris’ elegant Facette collection

Maison Berger Paris presents the elegant Facette collection that stands for timeless elegance. A tribute to Maison Berger Paris.

For decades, Maison Berger has been inviting well-known artists and designers to provide their iconic products with a very stylish design. This time, the French Maison has invited architect and designer Rozenn Mainguené.

Rozenn Mainguené designs for prestigious houses such as Armani, Dior, Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, Lancôme and Calvin Klein. In a previous collaboration with Maison Berger, she created the Senso, Passion, Immersion, Tempation, Crystal, Poesy and Capeline collections.

This beautiful shape with facets in the relief of the glass allows the light to reflect. The combination of the sensual curves, soft or powerful colors give the Lampe Berger Facette the appearance of a luxurious jewel. Together with the stylish decorative cap, it makes this Lampe Berger an elegant and timeless design.

The Lampe Berger purifies, purifies and perfumes the ambient air and is available in two variants: Nude and Noire. The Facette Nude model has a beige shade and is combined with a silver decorative cap, which together exude sweetness and delicacy. The Facette Noire is a variant in translucent black glass and has a powerful and mysterious character with the golden decorative cap.

One of the best home perfumes, Caresse de Coton, accompanies this Facette collection. This home perfume is light and powdery and is available in refills for both the Lampe Berger and the perfume diffuser. The perfume diffusers have the same stylish design as the Lampe Berger and are also available in the two variants Noire and Nude. Includes 8 black sticks, which spread perfume for 8 to 12 weeks when using 4 sticks.

Are you switching home perfumes? Use the home perfume Neutre Essentiel to neutralize the burner when switching to another home perfume or to determine the fragrance intensity of a home perfume yourself.

For more information, come into the beautiful world of Maison Berger Paris.

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