Bvlgari’s Idyllic Marvels.

Iconic Roman jeweller Bvlgari presented its latest High Jewellery collection – Eden The Garden of Wonders. Amongst the garden of 140 one-of-a-kind pieces, five exceptional high jewellery watches were included to dazzle and amaze all those who love a bejewelled timepiece.

The most vibrant and joyful Italian creativity meets the exceptional mastery of Bvlgari’s Swiss watchmakers. The design inspiration, perfectly interpreted by the team guided by Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, Bvlgari Product Creation Executive Director, results in a range of exquisite pieces at the pinnacle of luxury watchmaking.

Recreating an extraordinary world, where nature is celebrated in all its forms and is glorified by the human touch, this new collection by the Roman jeweler of Time consists of five incredible watches designed to amaze.

Magnificent Nature: Bvlgari Emerald Venus watch

Presented in a set with the matching necklace, Emerald Venus celebrates Bulgari’s longtime passion for emeralds, here with a total of 47 carats, exquisitely matched with baguette, pave and round brilliant-cut diamonds. The emerald beads shine with their deep green shades adding extra magic to this unique creation. Like the coordinated necklace, this watch, featuring a flexible platinum bracelet, shows a design evoking the Capelvenere, a type of Mediterranean fern whose Italian name, translating with Venus’ Hair, tributes the Greek goddess of beauty. The extraordinary timepiece, which required 900 hours to be crafted by five different artisans, has the white gold dial visible through an unexpected faceted mint green tourmaline, a see-through stone that makes it possible to read the time in transparency, in a very precious way.

Bvlgari Emerald Venus watch – 103680 High-jewelry watch in platinum set with 18 emerald beads (~40,1 ct), baguette emeralds (~6,9 ct), baguette and round brilliant-cut diamonds (~30 ct) and 1 facetted mint-green tourmaline (~6,4 ct) on the bracelet, snow-set diamonds (~0,4 ct) and 1 emerald to mark the 12-hour index on the dial. Quartz movement. Water resistant to 3 ATM.

Bvlgari Blossoming Colors watch

An ultimate example of vivacious grace and joyful feminine beauty, the Blooming Beauty watch, presented with the matching necklace, showcases Bvlgari’s exceptional ability to combine jewelry and watchmaking into ground-breaking pieces. A triumph of delicate flowers blossoms around a snow-set diamond dial covered by a 9.6 carat mint green tourmaline. Colombian oval cabochon-cut emeralds are masterfully matched with Paraiba tourmalines, pink and purple spinels and round brilliant-cut diamonds on the flexible platinum bracelets guarantee a comfortable fit.

Bvlgari Blooming Beauty watch – 103681 High-jewelry watch in platinum set with cabochon & brilliant-cut emeralds (~8,4 ct), paraibas (~10,7 ct), pink (~10,5 ct) & purple (~9,1 ct) spinels and round brilliant-cut diamonds (F-G VVS-VS, ~14 ct) on the bracelet, snow-set diamonds (F-G VVS-VS, ~0,3 ct) and 1 facetted oval mint-green tourmaline (~9,6 ct) on the dial. Quartz movement. Water resistant to 3 ATM.

Bvlgari Giardino Dell’Eden Piccolissimo watch

More than 1,500 stones are matched to convey the flamboyant preciousness of the Giardino Dell’Eden Piccolissimo watch, showing a lively combination of butterfly and flower designs inspired by Bvlgari’s pieces dating back to the Sixties. Recreating the image of a lush garden, where a butterfly, set on a trembler, – an old jewelry technique bringing brightness to the stones, – is ready to spread its delicate wings and a mysterious snake sinuously moves across the flowered garden sparkling with diamonds matched with a ruby, pink tourmalines, mandarin garnet, pink and yellow sapphires, and rock crystal. The watch, that required 2,000 hours to be completed, features Bvlgari’s new Piccolissimo mechanical micro movement, with a 12mm diameter, a thickness of 2.50mm and a weight of just 1.30 grams – today’s smallest round mechanical caliber.

Bvlgari Giardino dell’Eden Piccolissimo watch – 103674 High-jewelry watch in platinum set with mandarin garnet (~14,1 ct), rock crystal (~1,2 ct), pink tourmalines (~19,1 ct), rubies (~0,8 ct), diamonds (F-G VVS-VS, ~51,5 ct) and pink (~6,5 ct) and yellow (~3,9 ct) sapphires on the bracelet, snow-set diamonds (F-G VVS-VS, ~0,5 ct) on the dial. Manufacture mechanical micro movement with manual winding “Piccolissimo”, 2,5 mm thick, 30-hour reserve, 21’600 Vph (3Hz) frequency. Water resistant to 3 ATM.

Flower power: Bvlgari Giardino Dell’Eden Tourbillon watch

The collection’s most precious high-jewelry watch, the Giardino Dell’Eden Tourbillon piece is an ultimate work of art, that required 4,400 hours to be completed. Brilliantly evoking the flamboyancy of a Mediterranean garden, it is filled with flowers, two butterflies set on tremblers and lush foliage, that hides the omnipresent mysterious and seductive snake. Enriched with 6,500 stones with a total of 223 carats, spanning from cabochon Paraiba, emerald and garnet to pink tourmalines, opals, rubies, multicolor sapphires and diamonds, this astonishing watch is injected with dynamic movement thanks to the mobile elements and offers ultimate versatility, showing a part that can be easily detached and worn as a brooch. The flowers on this creation are inspired by Bvlgari’s heritage pieces. Seducing with its unique balance between colors and shapes, it also reveals a sophisticated high-precision tourbillon mechanic movement, assembled in the Bvlgari’s Swiss ateliers and for the first time used in a High Jewelry timepiece.

Bvlgari Giardino dell’Eden Tourbillon watch – 103677 High-jewelry watch in platinum set with pink tourmalines (~63,9 ct), diamonds (F-G VVS-VS, ~42,1 ct), tsavorites (~27,3 ct), mandarin garnet (~17 ct), emeralds (~11,6 ct), rock crystal beads (~9,6 ct), opals (~9,3 ct), paraiba (~2,1 ct), rubies (~4,7 ct) and pink (~10,3 ct), purple (~8 ct), blue (~2,5 ct) and yellow (~14,9 ct) sapphires on the bracelet, pavé-set diamonds (F-G VVS-VS, ~0,18 ct) on the dial. Manufacture mechanical movement skeletonized with manual winding and tourbillon, 64-hour power reserve, 21’600 Vph (3 Hz). Water resistant to 3 ATM.

Joyful Wonders: the Serpenti Misteriosi Riviera watch

Over 95 carats of rubellites, in a vibrant palette of pink and red tones echoing the charming shades of a burning sunset over the Mediterranean sea were sourced to create Serpenti Misteriosi Riviera, a new watch celebrating Bvlgari’s iconic snake, an eternal symbol of rebirth and wisdom. This delicate secret watch, – the dial is hidden underneath the head of the snake, – offers a highly sophisticated and feminine combination of rose gold, round brilliant-cut diamonds and cabochon rubellites, evoking the forbidden fruits of a charming paradise. The stones seem floating in the air thanks to the use of the fil couteau technique, that enables to keep the elements together through thin gold threads. The result is a very flexible bracelet, extremely comfortable to wear.

Bvlgari Serpenti Misteriosi Riviera watch – 103246 High-jewelry secret watch in rose gold set with cabochon rubellites (~95,4 ct) and round brilliant cut diamonds (~17,3 ct) on the bracelet, 2 pear-shaped rubellites (~0.9 ct) and pavé-set diamonds (~0,3 ct) on the dial. Quartz movement. Water resistant to 3 ATM.

Once again, Bvlgari has combined coloured gemstones, masterful artistry and precise craftsmanship to bring a theme to life, all while maintaining its signature Italian style. The Bvlgari High Jewellery collection Eden The Garden of Wonders is available at selected Bvlgari boutiques worldwide. Come into the beautiful and yimeless world of Bvlgari,

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