Humanrace Unveils Bodycare Routine Kit

From face to body care, it’s clear that Pharrell Williams’ Humanrace is covering its bases when it comes to its minimal line of hygiene staples. In expanding its product catalog, Humanrace is now gearing up to release its new Bodycare Routine Kit.

Assembling the brand’s favorites, the new kit features the Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bar, Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar and Humidifying Body Cream.

Just like the brand’s face and sun care products, William’s products were developed with dermatologist Dr. Elena Jones and center on a no-frills approach to gentle and hydrating products. Key ingredients in the fragrance-free products include snow mushroom extract, bakuchiol and peptide.

Retailing for $88 USD for a one-time purchase and $84 USD for a subscription, the Bodycare Routine Kit releases on Thursday, October 27 online.

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