Juicy Couture Oui


Juicy Couture is always inspiring and delighting its wearers with new attractive, unusual, and flamboyant perfume bottles. Any of its perfumes are simply eye-catching, as well as nicely aromatic with distinctive smells. They are characterized as modern, soft, vibrant, and sweet floral. This summer, Juicy Couture Oui appears as a new perfume for women on the market. Oui – meaning yes, is a fragrance that simply vibrates positive emotions, emanates warm feelings with its delicious distinctive aroma.

Juicy Couture Oui opens to seduce with fresh and delicious watermelon note along with fresh acai green tea and pear notes calming with floral accords of jasmine absolute, tuberose softened with sweet honeysuckle note. The woody base settles down with amber, wood and musk notes. This is an everyday perfume with a pleasant fresh aroma with flirty hints. Women will find it really attractive and easy. 


Juicy Couture Oui is sealed in a gorgeous two-color bottle that instantly attracts the attention due to bright pink/red colors adorned with golden Oui pendant.  

Juicy Couture Oui is available as 100ml Eau de Parfum. 






A Happening at Central Park

A Happening In Central Park01

51 Years ago today, in front of 150.000 people, Barbra Streisand performed at a free concert held in New York City’s Central Park. The entire event was recorded and later released as a CBS television special and a soundtrack album called ‘A Happening In Central Park’.

A Happening In Central Park is now available on Netflix.





Guerlain Musc Noble

guerain les absolus d'orient-3200-x-2000

The exclusive collection of Les Absolus d’Orient presented by French Maison ‘Haute Parfumerie’ Guerlain is enriched with a fourth edition. After Santal Royal (2014), Amber Eternel (2016), and Oud Essential (2017), the latest creation is inspired by the orient lands and one ne of the most mysterious of ingredients, musk.

The French Maison launches this new eponymous perfume for both men and women named Musc Noble. The new limited edition perfume, Guerlain Musc Noble, promises an intense, long-lasting, and a grandiose fragrance (maybe) not for everyday use. Due to its accentuated musk notes, for occasional wear to leave behind a surprising tantalizing and enticing aroma. It will capture the attention of even the most pretentious wearers.

Created by Thierry Wasser, Musc Noble is an accessory to impress all around you due to its expensive and high-quality notes. This noble musk, build from woody, floral and spicy aromas. in the opening there are bright and sharp notes of pink pepper and saffron, combined with geranium, which announce a rich hert filled with opulent rose and muskn full strenght. In the base, white amber and cistus labdanum contribute to the warmth and density  of the composition, along with woody cedar chords.



Guerlain Musc Noble Flacon

The flacon of Guerlain Musc Noble has a burgundy red color with gold-colored details and a red with gold ribbon around the neck of the flacon.

Guerlain Musc Noble Perfume is available as 125ml Eau de Parfum. 





Eau de Givenchy



When you seek for freshness and lovely aromas you may get confused with the variety of perfumes available nowadays on the market. This summer, Givenchy invites us to try a new refreshing and pure aroma designed to please both men and women, Givenchy Eau de Givenchy.

Givenchy Eau de Givenchy is the new updated and new stylish interpretation of the original fragrance launched in 1980. Today, the new fragrance is all about a greeny/citrusy and fresh perfume inspired by the gorgeous south France gardens in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

Inspired by the south of France, Eau de Givenchy captures the smoothness of orange blossoms disclosed by the zesty citrus orchards and only subverted by comforting musks. A moment of freshness suspended in time that feels like it could last forever.

What can be more thrilling and intriguing than to emanate such a nice, soft and delicate aroma with a surprising daring smell. Givenchy Eau de Givenchy is composed by famous perfumer François Demachy as a burst of fresh citrusy ingredients nicely combined with flowers and wood elements. 

Givenchy Eau de Givenchy is available as 100ml Eau de Toilette. 






Guerlain Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noire Eau Florale

Guerlain Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noire Eau Florale Video

French Maison Guerlain previously introduced the edgy La Petite Robe Noire edition of Black Perfecto in Eau de Parfum Légère concentration in Spring 2017. The Black Perfecto name is taken from the beautiful dark shade of nailpolish and lipstick in the La Petite Robe Noire make-up collection. This year, its new variant, Black Perfecto by Petite Robe Noire Florale

Created by famous in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser, it opens with fresh rose water essence along with floral accords of roses and rose absolute calmed on a woody layer made of leather, musk and almond note. The scent of rose in this edition expresses the lighter side of an edgy and rock & roll style with accords of leather and black musk.

Guerlain Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noire Eau Florale Video2

The new edition, Guerlain Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noire promises on the reverse to be more fresh, more enticing, more feminine, and modern enough to please all type of women. The inspiration for the perfume is the contrast between a biker leather jacket and and an elegant black evening dress.



Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Florale

Guerlain Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noire preserves the same bottle shape as other Petite Robe Noire perfumes, yet in a dark black color nicely decorated.

Guerlain Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noire will be available as 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette Florale. 





Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold

Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold

American fashion house Calvin Klein presents two new Euphoria perfumes that will nicely surprise its wearers due to a pleasant, soft, calm and spicy/floral aroma. Euphoria Amber Gold shows up as new flankers to the original Calvin Klein Euphoria launched from 2005, and Euphoria for Men from 2006. The fragrances follow the oriental editions such as Euphoria Gold (2014), Euphoria Liquid Gold (2014) and Euphoria Pure Gold.

The new pair of fragrances are more than intoxicating, they are more luxurious, modern and stylish. They are described by the fashion house as an ‘intoxicating revelation of sensual desire’. These fragrances as if describe warm Arabian nights composed of precious amber notes. Both fragrances will quickly impress wearers due to more stylish and luxurious scents sealed in attractive gold bottles. 

Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold

Created by Paul Gaurin, Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold opens with fresh fruity notes of plum, mandarin along with floral notes of roses, orange flower, and iris. The base calms with sweet vanilla, sandalwood along with precious amber and labdanum. This sweet/woody balsamic fragrance will be a nice new summer hit.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold for Men

Created by Laurent Le Guernec, Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold for Men is a modern fragrance with an exotic twist when compared to the Original, adding to it a distinct richness and mystery. It contains a dark leather accord, incence and vetiver mixed with green and spicy aromas.

The flacons of both fragrances, inspired by the glow of precious amber stones, are redesigned in transparent amber glass with a lux bronzed gradiënt. The opulence and radiance of the golden amber packaging is to highlight the premium, sophisticated and exotic facets of the fragrance.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Amber Gold both editions will be available as 100ml Eau de Parfum.





Carolina Herrera Good Girl Velvet Fatale

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Velvet Fatale Flacon Banner

Launched in 2016, Good Girl by Carolina Herrera has gained lots of praise and compliments among its wearers due to its thrilling, romantic, and seductive aroma. Due to the vast success and eye-catching stylish stiletto design, after succesful flankers like Good Girl Glitter Collector (2017), Good Girl Swarovski Collector (2017), and this years Good Girl Légère, fashion house Carolina Herrera re-interprets its famous edition in one more sensual and more provocative version, Good Girl Velvet Fatale.

Dangerously desirable for a Good Girl who wants to master seduction with the most powerful weapon!

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Velvet Fatale is all about an enchanting and irresistible perfume coming out as a limited edition. The new edition will magnify with almost the same aroma as the first edition, yet more accentuated, more seducing, and more charming at heart. 

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Velvet Fatale Banner

I find the new version really sensual and romantic, just like the original perfume, it has a nicely balanced sweet/oriental aroma. I don’t know how, but Carolina Herrera knows how to conquer my attention and, yet to become a devotee to its fantastic fragrances.

Top: Lemon, Bergamot, Almonds, Coffee
Heart: Tuberose, Sambac jasmine, Bulgarian rose, Orange blossom, Orris
Base: Cedar, Amber, Musk, Patchouli, Tonka, Cacao, Sandelwood, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Praline, Cashmere

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Velvet Fatale opens with the same fresh citrus aroma made of bergamot and lemon nicely mixed with floral accords of tuberose, Sambac jasmine, orange blossom, Bulgarian roses calming with oriental notes of cinnamon, cocoa, sweet vanilla and praline hints.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Velvet Fatale Flacon

The new edition comes in the same famous signature stiletto-shape bottle, yet decorated in very beautiful red velvet and decorated in with golden details. 

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Velvet Fatale is available as 80ml Eau de Parfum.