This year you’ll get a beautiful Italian story by Konstantin and Serge!


Photographer Serge Lee and fitness hunk model Konstantin Kamynin launched a new project – Konstantin Kamynin Official 2020 Calendar. You can’t miss this opportunity to take a peek on hot model Konstantin Kamynin.

Serge and Konstantin have been working together for several years and built several projects and calendars, just like Russian Gods. Which he’s also on the cover for the 2020 Calendar of Russian Gods

This year you’ll get beautiful Italian story by Konstantin and Serge! All this picturesque images were taken at Como Lake shore and are filled with passion and love! The result is outstanding!




Put this summer memories at your wall and your New 2020 year will be so good and hot! You can purchase the calendar here and it will be shipped in any part of the world.

Come into the beautiful world of Konstantin Kamynin.





Kevin Lütolf by Elena Kuznetsova


Elena Kuznetsova is a fashion photographer born in Kharkov. Based now in Swiss, the photographer and videographer is known for her fashion photography, amazing images of some of the world’s most beautiful people, professionally done; featured in different magazines; L’Officiel, Vanity Teen, Cake, Satellite Journal, Risk Male Model Scene, Desnudo, among many others. She also does portraits and personal photography.

Her talent is more than having an eye for beauty, rather her skill for concept: what makes a great photograph. Her life experience takes her to fascinating spots around the world where she imbibes soul and effervescence of each place. This is her great ability to be an original, not in the stress of experience and power, rather the humble and human essence in treating each project as gift; something she can learn from, offer her influence; in doing so much is achieved on basis of extending intelligence, love and talent from one person to another; part of what keeps her in demand for editorial work and commissions. This time she photographed fellow citizen, fashion model Kevin Lütolf.








Come into the beautiful world of Kevin Lütolf and Elena Kuznetsova.





A Salvador Dali exhibition is coming to Dubai



A new exhibition celebrating the works of one of the world’s most famous artists is coming to Dubai next month.

The exhibition, titled Salvador Dali. The Memories will be held at the Conference Hall in Dubai International Financial Centre and will showcase the artist’s works for the first time in the region. One of the star attractions is the Shower of Jasmine, an oil on canvas painting which was first unveiled in 1954 and has only been visible to the public on two other occasions in its history. Its presence in Dubai will mark the third time it has been publicly available for viewing.

Salvador Dali Snor GIF

Dali Goodnight GIF

According to a release, the exhibition will also house his Memories of Surrealism piece from 1971 which was the master’s interpretation of Spanish printmaker Francisco Goya’s ‘Los Caprichos’ as well as  photographs of the famous artist at work across his career.

The exhibition will open in Dubai on February 11, 2018 and run until April 22, 2018.





Marcelo Auge opens the doors of his gallery-store and launches Servero exhibition

Photographer of fashion, art and advertising Marcelo Auge, brings the best for lovers of photography. On Thursday, 7, the artist opens the doors of his gallery that will also function as a store, where he will market his works. At the opening, Auge will exhibit his newest photographic series ‘Servero’ which simply exposes the beauty, sensuality and also the strength of the male body, contrasted with the beautiful landscape of Ilhabela, on the coast of São Paulo.

The gallery project arose from the need to bring to the real world, what everyone has always admired through social networks. I have always received numerous requests for fine art photo prints and lacked a space that would make this tangible. The idea is to bring my art closer to the people, inviting them to get close to the images physically. The space allows just that. With no frame in place, customers can even tap the images and understand if that’s what they really want for them. The size of the works the customer chooses on the spot. That’s totally moldable. For those who like the practicality of the digital world, in addition to physical space, we created the online store where people can buy directly over the internet and receive the material at home.

Marcelo Auge

The series shows 22 unpublished images and is curated by Alexandre Afrange and Celso Ieiri. ‘Severo’ pays tribute to the gaucho model Vinicius Severo who, with its stunning beauty posed for the project.

Photographer Marcelo Auge captured the Brazilian fashion and fitness model Vinícius Severo in a beautiful way. Lucky him. Now you can own a piece of Brazillian beauty…..

Marcel Auge

Gallery Loja
Rua dos Três Irmãos62, Morumbi, São Paolo

Come into the beautiful world of Marcelo Auge.

New Satellite cover story features Steven Edward Dehler

Born in Simi Valley, Steven Edward Dehler is one of two children, with an older brother. While in elementary school, Dehler was the victim of bullying, where they would call him ‘Steven Gayler’. He graduated from Simi Valley High School, attended theCollege of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, and then University of California, San Diego. Dehler has also played the piano for approximately eighteen years, classically trained for ten of them.

Dehler began his modeling career with Timoteo, an underwear and swimwear line. Along with Timoteo, he has also modeled for Marcuse, Freedom Reigns, and Marco Marco Underwear. Most prominently, Dehler has modeled for male underwear company Andrew Christian. He has been shot by renowned photographers Serge Lee, Adam Bouska, Sonny Tong, Martin Ryter, Matthew Mitchell, Scott Hoover, Paul Boulon, and Wander Aguiar.

In January 2015, Dehler was made DNA Magazine’s online Insta-Stud, and in September of the same year, Dehler made the cover of Odyssey Magazine. Also in the same year he played Mr. Coconuts on a live commercial for ‘So Delicious’ on the Ellen Degeneres Show. And yes, he is one of Yakymour’s favorite models!

Now this new cover story features Steven Edward Dehler who is styled by Cesar Rays and photographed in Los Angeles by Wander Aguiar for the current issue of Californian magazine Satellite. So bullies, anything to say?

Don’t mis your latest issue of Satellite Magazine. Come into the beautiful world of Steven Edward Dehler.

Odiseo Magazine presents Marble.

Odiseo Magazine presents Marble_1_florianjoahn_2017.gif

In collaboration with photographer Florian Joahn, Odiseo Magazine presents the animated Gif series ‘Marble’.

Odiseo by Folch Studio stems from a huge need to explore: seeking a visual, unique and personal vision of seduction, digging into new formats, eluding conventions. Odiseo combines imagery that lies between art, fashion and erotica with insightful philosophical essays which delve into universal themes. We aim for not only a visual experience but for an intellectual seduction as well. Odiseo shouts out the unseen: it is contradictory, mysterious, intellectual and intuitive at the same time.

Odiseo Magazine presents Marble_2_florianjoahn_2017.gif

Odiseo Magazine presents Marble_3_florianjoahn_2017.gif

Odiseo Magazine presents Marble_4_florianjoahn_2017.gif

Odiseo Magazine presents Marble_5_florianjoahn_2017.gif

Photography and Animation by Florian Joahn
Styling : Lazar Djurovic
Hair and Make-up: Sophia Gunev
Model: Tyler Wright @ Amck

Get the latest issue of ODISEO here

Odiseo Magazine presents Marble_6_florianjoahn_2017.gif